Carnival's hangover party: Masquerade

Carnival is a time and place where people forget their state of being and rejoice in a world that is beyond present reality and where the normal rules of play don't necessarily apply, yet oddly enough it's all about play... don't fret, it's not over yet ...All around the world, and especially in the Americas, we have Carnival: an eat 'meat' before Lent, pseudo-Christian (but very pagan) tradition. Be it the big Indian Chiefs of New Orleans' Fat Tuesday, the mud-splashed Trini-revelry, or the amazingness of the hundred million Brazilian ways to celebrate, Carnival is Carnival. In Toronto, some people have decided to celebrate with our own special hung over version, for those of you who are truly debaucherous and just want to keep partying every weekend ... and for the rest of you too.The real Carnival happens in the underground. And, while you may think that "underground" is a glossy ad in Vice magazine, the real underground actually requires you to dig. This Saturday night, the Toronto underground is the Masquerade party. This little spectacle of masked fun is pleasantly and loosely coordinated by Fedora Upside-Down, a self-titled urban folk collective that  is full of perennial creativity and good live music.An example of the type of creativity I'm talking about, from Santa Teresa, Rio de Janeiro: The Super Mario Bros. Bloco!

Back to Saturday in Toronto: The music featured on this revelrous night will include Maria Bonita and the Band, who will warm our hearts up as we get into the mood before Combo Royale, with their boudoir music, take over. I'm excited to see this group, I hear they are a fun bunch cravin' for that romantic time when hookers practiced bad hygiene. Their horns, strings and tap dancing woo us into the enticing gazes of the burlesque dancers that will also be on hand to keep things lively.Maracatu Mar Aberto, in all its oceanic glory, will bring out the Afro-Brazilian drums & song along with the street feel to the party, and yes, they will be followed by that raucous  band of horns called Rambunctious, led by the infamous and indomitable Michael Louis Johnson, God bless him. I may add he will also host the event. Anyways, check the poster for details, and see y'all there. You shan't recognize me though, because I will be in costume.More info, tickets etc. via Fedora Upside-Down.Facebook event page here