The year that passed and the year to come

Liniker presented by Uma Nota & LMAC. pic: ANna Encheva

Liniker presented by Uma Nota & LMAC. pic: ANna Encheva

This year that passed was awesome. Many cool productions, collaborations, and artist residencies made 2018 special. Let's break it down…

We started the year with our Winter Nite, giving props our Brazil-phile roots with the real deal samba troupe Batucada Carioca. Speaking of which, this year's Winter Nite is the awesomest. Check the link.One of the early highlights in April was a full on reggae explosion with the Human Rights 10 year anniversary. The night was an indoor, fully packed block party, self produced at the restored Vaudeville theatre The Redwood. The Human Rights rocked it along with special guests Ammoye, Exco Levi, Kultcha Ites and so many more...

HR Ammoye

HR Ammoye

For a couple weeks in July, we had our first visiting Artist in Residence with the return to Toronto of the indelible, ultra charming (and equally frustrating hehehe) Jerusa Leão, who came presenting her solo show Saraváh  as well as a re-boot of everybody's favorite forró rabecado, Maria Bonita & the Band, of course, with Jerusa in the front, killing it. To say her vibe is infectious would be an understatement. She also guested with Maracatu Mar Aberto singing alongside Flavia Nascimento on several occasions, including at Guelph's super awesome Hillside Festival.

jerusa 2018

jerusa 2018

Perhaps our most memorable show was presenting together  Lula Music & Arts Centre and Polyphonic Ground, the great Liniker e os Caramelows. The show went OFFFFF! Soooooo much fun and groundbreaking for Toronto and the Brazilian community here. The soulful sounds kept us vibing all night long

Liniker all intimate. pic: Anna Encheva

Liniker all intimate. pic: Anna Encheva

.Beyond these great shows, on contract working with Small World Music, UN artistic director, Alex  assisted in programming several acts as part of their incredible festival, (including Tdot Batu w/ special guests, Las Cafeteras AMAZING 100, Soukustek & Baobá). UNC also worked closely with RPM (Revolutions Per Minute) during the Manifesto Festival, and to top it off, we rocked Vox Sambou's CD release at the Baby G in Toronto! Again, these last two were co-productions with Polyphonic Ground.

Finally, this year we went to España (and Catalunya), to Barcelona, Andalusia and Islas Canarias for WOMEX, the World Music Expo, where we met with like minded artists and presenters, including our friends Liniker e os Caramelows and a crew of peeps from Latin America, Brazil, and beyond. We learned lots and made mad connections there. One special encounter was with Jabu Morales, a super talent, an old friend and the sister of Toronto's own Aline Morales.

WOMEX with tha cool peeps. From left to right: Tamar Ilana of Ventanas, Kristyn Ann from Uma Nota, Alex from Uma Nota, Jabu Morales and DJ Mukambo (Benjamin Tollet)

WOMEX with tha cool peeps. From left to right: Tamar Ilana of Ventanas, Kristyn Ann from Uma Nota, Alex from Uma Nota, Jabu Morales and DJ Mukambo (Benjamin Tollet)

So a lot of good stuff this past year with Uma Nota... look out for 2019! Including our first event of the year, Winter Nite, and something groundbreaking as part of the Progess Festival: real real  with Bruno Capinan, plus a new festival in July. Keep your ear to the ground to hear the rumblin's a-comin'! Much love and happy new year! May all our dreams and aspirations move forward!All the best Toronto and beyond! One love! 

Feb 16 at the Theatre Centre in Toronto, co-pro with Summerworks

Feb 16 at the Theatre Centre in Toronto, co-pro with Summerworks

Winter Nite: Soukustek & Maracatu Mar Aberto


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Bring the heat on the cold Winter Nite. January 5th, inside the Garrison, we start the year with the blessings. Dance to good music that moves your mind body and soul.Uninhibited, liminal, and fully expressive dance party magic for a winter nite. Get ready for the afro-tropic sounds of Soukustek and Maracatu mar Aberto and DJs, the great General Eclectic + Juana Go-Go, bringing you beats and melodies from the flip side. Everybody welcome, no shame, no spectators. crowd uma notaSoukustek Soukustek combines the rhythm and sound of guitars that arrived from Africa in the 70s and blends them with the sounds of the Colombian Caribbean. Soukustek is dance, joy, and history. It is Africa in Colombia, the music of the pico culture, live on stage. Bring the champeta!SoukustekMaracatu Mar Aberto One of the original drum troupes of Uma Nota that never, ever fails to bring the crowd to that next level of awesomeness! The emotive rhythm of the open sea, Maracatu Mar Aberto is Toronto’s underground percussive sound. With beats, movement and song, Mar Aberto brings the heavy tide of street festivals from Recife, Brazil.See you January 5th on the dance floor at the Garrison!

Vox Sambou live! Fall Edition

 uma_nota_fall2018_facebookOk ok ok... Another night of uninhibited dancing  coming up... buy tickets!The last time Vox Sambou played in Toronto was at Uma Nota back in 2015, he and his band lit Geary Lane on absolute FIRE. My favourite part was actually after his set had ended, when he, his bassist, and Toronto's Lady Son, free-styled over some dubby tracks the DJ was throwing down.image (1)Vox figuratively represents half the world in his show. The Haitian-born, Montreal-based musician and activist rocks the mic in five languages, without shame and with so much flow.  Expect some beautiful energy, as he is fresh off a tour in Brazil and will be celebrating the release of his latest EP, Eritaj. Vox Sambou has been called “a key figure on the progressive front of the Rap Kreyòl movement”, and blends the traditional music of Haiti with Afro-Latin grooves, Afrobeat, reggae and hip hop. A charming and engaging performer who is known for his captivating and interactive performances, merging the stage and dancefloor with powerful vibes... all that's missing is YOU!DJ support by two of Toronto's best tropical selectors, Juana Go-gó and DJ General Eclectic!Last but not least on the bill is María Chávez, here for the X Avant XIII hosted by the Music Gallery. She will be spinning a dance set to move you.Screen Shot 2018-10-04 at 12.09.28 AMExpect more than your average Toronto indie concert! This is a participatory party and a dance floor celebration!Everyone welcome!Doors open at 10pmLimited $10 advanced tickets availableCopresented by Revolutions Per Minute and Polyphonic Ground

The Human Rights: 10 years of hard hitting live reggae

P1010974-2Ok so back in... geez when was..? Damn... In 2012,  The Human Rights rocked one of our best, most packed and super awesome shows. It was so much fun.Now, six years later, Toronto reggae collective The Human Rights celebrates 10 years of hard hitting live performance with the best of Canada's reggae scene! We can't even believe it. This show is action packed with super special guests: AmmoyeExco Levi, Kultcha Ites, Dubmatix, Tdot Batu, and Maracatu Mar Aberto, among many others. It all goes down on April 7, 2018 at The Redwood, 1300 Gerrard Street in Toronto, which may be a bit east for some west end denizens, but hey there is 24hr streetcar access.BUY TICKETSClassic Track by The Human Rights... Bring the positive vibe.Toronto is fertile ground for reggae music. A large Jamaican and greater Caribbean populace, and all the extended relations, have made island sounds very familiar to the whole Torontonian and Canadian population. Summer in TO, for at least 60 years, has always had Caribbean music at festivals around the city, influencing kids from all walks of immigrant and non-immigrant life. The crossover from soul music to reggae is second nature for many musicians playing the clubs around town. The history of this scene goes deep. David Dacks' piece about the history of reggae in TO  put it best:The history of reggae in Toronto, one of the strongest cities in the world for this genre and its offshoots, can't merely be a rundown of notable bands -- it's bound up in an infrastructure of musicians, venues, promoters and record stores. It's also about the tension of artists trying to succeed in both Canada and in the reggae universe with Jamaica as its axis.It is from this incredible love and influence of reggae music and Jamaican culture in Toronto that The Human Rights came to be. In the spring of 2008 three veterans of the Toronto reggae music scene decided to take a chance and come together with four bright eyed, freshly graduated, music school students to form an original conscious modern-roots-reggae band. Months later they found themselves on stage in front of a sold out Phoenix Concert Hall opening for one of the biggest names in reggae music, Gregory Isaacs!  The spark caught fire and ten years later, The Human Rights are still at the top of their musical game.Check the new singleThe Human Rights specialize in original, high-energy, modern roots reggae with a mix of jazz, funk and R&B influences. The band is fronted by Juno nominee Friendlyness (formerly of Culture Shock & Big Sugar) and Juno nominee Tréson on lead vocals and features a blazing three-piece horn section, two stellar guitar players, and a rock steady riddim section, topped off by legendary reggae keyboardist Bernie Pitters (Toots and the Maytals, Hit Squad, Leroy Brown, Sly & Robbie). A lot of talent in this little project.Since the release of their debut CD 'One Thing' in 2010, The Human Rights have played well over 100 live shows, and released singles for 'Right Now', 'Take A Stance' and 'Old School Track' which spent a record 44 weeks on the listener-voted Rebel Vibez Top Ten Chart. Other highlights include opening for seminal Reggae legends such as John Holt,  Beres Hammond, and Freddie McGreggor recording live for Big City, Small World on CBC Radio One, and a song placement in the Trailer Park Boys movie, 'Don’t Legalize It'. Produced by Big Sugar frontman and Canadian music icon Gordie Johnson, their 2016 self-titled album is The Human Rights’ most ambitious record yet, a powerful statement that the heartbeat of roots Reggae in Canada has never been stronger.So there you have it... The Human Rights, now 10 years old, is proud to host everybody at The Redwood for an emotional, reggae filled celebration of their time spent hustling music and performance in Toronto and Canada. Uma Nota is proud to play a part in this unique, once only production, bringing together various tribes from across the city. Get on that streetcar, take that cab or Uber, call your friends in the East end, call your peeps in Scarborough, bring out all the love for The Human Rights 10 year anniversary. One love. Peace.human_rights_12year_march2018_instagram_2

Future Primitive and Papi Chulo!

Future PrimitiveAre you ready for digital and analogue waves from the tropical flip-side? We got a double bill coming at you, in a neighbourhood joint, with some pretty good sound called the Baby G.Uma Nota and Futuro Libre present Future Primitive and Papi Chulo. Check the write ups and videos below and see you at The Baby G, 1608 Dundas Street West in Toronto. Get TicketsFuture PrimitiveClassic Latin and Caribbean styles with raw, emotive and catchy songwriting come together to bring the tropical soul music in a nascent, pure form. Their sound connects the dots between the here and now of modern Toronto life, with the sounds of their and many of our collective childhood roots in immigrant Toronto.Papi ChuloAs a founding member and the singer of festival favourites Psychotropical Orchestra, Montrealer Mariano Franco mastered the craft of moving crowds, while moving indie pop into fresh, new territory with a Latino twist. With his latest project, Papi Chulo, Franco has come back to the most basic thing — the beat. With erotic nightmares in a steaming blacklight rainforest and shamanic hallucinations spliced into an X-rated VHS-era narco-thriller, Papi Chulo will possess your body in the most intimate waysShare this event!qeceqc

Toronto music presenters unite to form Polyphonic Ground

Polyphonic GroundThere's a new initiative to help connect the oodles of culturally diverse music we have here in Toronto with audiences who are "culturally curious" and looking for these kinds of discoveries right here in our city. Uma Nota is proud to be a part of Polyphonic Ground, a freshly formed collaboration between 12 local music presenters who, like us, are "committed to building and sustaining Toronto as a global music city."Here are a few of the key points, as mentioned in the recent press release, and a little bit about how and why we're opting into this initiative.The missionPolyphonic Ground strives to "provide points of connection for artists and audiences, strengthen industry practices and be a united voice to government, business and industry. " This means strength in numbers. It means we'll shout out one another's events from time to time, work together on issues like access to cultural sector resources and grant opportunities, improving conditions around putting on special events like music and arts festivals in Toronto and other key matters that affect all of us as small- to medium-sized presenters.In a recent article in NOW Magazine, our colleague Kayla McGee, who is the managing director of Small World Music and the community lead for Polyphonic Ground, notes that we in Toronto lack any real "infrastructure for live music presenters" and, until now, there haven't been "shared platforms to allow us to work and grow together."

"We want to present live music that draws in the culturally curious," says McGee. "With the double-bill series, we encourage audience curiosity, discovery and an exploration of the amazing array of musical talents available to Toronto audiences. Audiences can experience African and Persian music together in one night, or Latin vibes and Indigenous drums, or Bollywood and Klezmer. The possibilities are endless."

The partnersOur partners in this new collaboration include many familiar local presenters. Some are organizations with whom we've already co-produced shows and events, and others with whom we're looking forward to a closer working relationship.The initial 12 member organizations involved in Polyphonic Ground are: Ashkenaz Foundation, Batuki Music Society, Good Kind Productions, iNative, Link Music Lab, Lula Music & Arts Centre, MonstrARTity Creative Community, Music Africa, Revolutions Per Minute, Small World Music Society and World Fiddle Day Toronto, along with Uma Nota Culture (our official production company name -- yes, it's also our social media handle).The music seriesWe've long been champions of musical discoveries, especially at our events where someone might come to check out their friend drumming away in a Brazilian percussion troupe, and take in a great Afrobeat band or a local DJ who spins rare dub. In that same spirit of discovery, the first Polyphonic Ground concert series kicks off this fall. In this series, two of the partner organizations will be paired up to co-produce a double-bill that aims to introduce audiences to new music from right here in Toronto. These monthly concerts, designed to foster widespread musical discovery in the city, begin on September 14 with Ashkenaz Foundation and Small World Music Society, followed by Batuki Music and Uma Nota presenting on October 12, Link Music Lab and Good Kind Productions present November 9, and Lula Music & Arts and Music Africa co-presenting December 14. These events will take place at Revival Bar, 783 College St., on the second Thursday of the month starting in September. Artists will be announced soon. The growth opportunitiesThis isn't only a new concert series. The initiative also has the goal of increasing "access to training and leadership and bolstering professional development opportunities within the music industry." Here's a bit of what that looks like, for starters: An upcoming Diversity & Live Music panel discussion series; a Developing Diverse Leaders program "with the goal of empowering young talent through mentorship"; and Best Practice Workshops led by music industry experts.The take-awayIn short: This is gonna be awesome.Sign up for the Polyphonic Ground newsletter and follow PG on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter via the website.And stay tuned for our October 12 show announcement with Batuki Music Society as part of the initial concert series. (Update Sept. 25: lineup and tickets here; new post coming up)Video: Maracatu Mar Aberto and special guests perform on the Small World Music stage in a "Brazilian Grooves" concert co-produced by Uma Nota Culture and the Small World Music Society as part of in/future, a transformational art experience that took place on the West Island of Ontario Place in September 2016.

Saturday Jamboree at Geary Lane - Uma Nota Festival 2015

Saturday Jamboree at Geary Lane

Saturday Jamboree at Geary Lane

It's festival time! The last time Uma Nota joined together with Dub Connection Soundsystem to take over Geary Lane, it was a beautiful Winter Nite. We’ve joined forces again to bring you a night of uninhibited dancing to the best music for another amazing Saturday night (October 17th) at the warehouse space that’s off the beaten track (but closer than you think).Our two live bands for the night represent between them music from Brazil, Haiti, west Africa and various parts of Latin America, plus we have two of the city’s top selectors holding down the reggae, dub, MPB and vintage vinyl on all 15,000 watts of the mighty Dub Connection Soundsystem. All you have to do is make it to the spot.Featuring:Vox Sambou and bandVox Sambou (Montreal/Haiti)One of the founding members of Montreal’s Nomadic Massive collective, Vox Sambou in his solo project blends the traditional music of Haiti with Afro-Latin grooves, Afrobeat, reggae and hip hop. He sings in Creole, English, French and Spanish and has been called “a key figure on the progressive front of the Rap Kreyòl movement.” Vox Sambou’s third solo album, titled “The Brazil Session” was fully recorded in Brazil with the collaboration of Brazilian musicians Rael da Rima (MC), Felippe Pipeta (trumpet) and Cauê Vieira (saxophone, flute) and will be released in the fall of 2015. Meanwhile, the Uma Nota Festival set includes Vox’s full band from Montreal.T Dot Sound Crew ft. Lady SonA new band already making waves in Toronto’s tropical scene, TDot Sound Crew features members of the drumming troupe TDot Batu and a host of local players from reggae, Brazilian and Latin bands around the city. TDot Sound Crew’s base is a Bloco Afro setup, with the Brazilian drum section laying the foundation for the group’s versions of classic Big Latin tunes, Spanish-language ska and samba-reggae hits, plus cumbia, roots reggae and other grooves. The crew welcome the one and only powerful vocals of Lady Son for this performance.DJ General EclecticResident selector General Eclectic is renowned in the downtown core as the man who has styles upon styles. His crates go deep, and he truly lives up to his name as one of Canada's most diverse DJs, taking you on a musical journey around the globe and back again with the flick of his wrist! He is the man behind Footprints, ShinDig and a number of other jams and of course, part of the original Uma Nota trifecta. With nearly 20 years of experience, he mixes effortlessly between genres, defying categorization while demonstrsating his encyclopedic knowledge of music and more than 8,000 records. He brings the tropical selections, the deep sound and has promised a wickedly original wicked set for this night.

DJ General Eclectic - Tropical Toronto Mix for Pan Am Path / August 2015 by Dj General Eclectic on Mixcloud

Selector K ZarA core founding member of the Dub Connection Soundsystem, K Zar Dubwise is a tireless purveyor of one drop goodness and dubtastic sounds. Along with his DCS crew, he is one of the Toronto agitator-artists keeping the city’s Jamaican-style soundsystem culture thriving and taking the sound to new places while maintaining links to the old school. Sometimes guest MCs will toast over K Zar’s dubby beats, so be ready to jump and move.Plus:15,000 watt soundsystem by Dub ConnectionDécor by Pleasurecraft featuring projected visuals in collaboration with VJ NotívagoFood vendors to be announcedCash bar in effectSaturday October 17th at Geary Lane360 Geary Ave. (west of Dufferin)Doors 9:30 p.m.$10 advance, $15 at the door

Facebook event page: Saturday Jamboree at Geary Lane

Uma Nota Festival 2015

UPDATED OCTOBER 1stUma Nota Festival 2015

Saturday October 17thSaturday Jamboree at Geary Lane


FEATURINGVox Sambou (Montreal/Haiti)T Dot Sound CrewDJ General EclecticSelector K Zar

PLUS15,000 watt soundsystem by Dub ConnectionDécor by Pleasurecraft featuring projected visuals in collaboration with VJ NotívagoFood vendors to be announcedCash bar in effect

Geary Lane, 360 Geary Ave.Advance tickets $10/$15 at the doorDoors 9:30 p.m.MORE INFO

Sunday, October 18thCommunity Cultural Fair at Lula Lounge

FEATURINGLenis Rino (Brazil)The ResponsablesYUKAAline MoralesTupi Collective DJs (Montreal)DJ Erick Paredes (Miami)Coco de Roda circle dance game with members of Maracatu Mar Aberto and Baque de Bamba

PLUSArtist & vendor marketplaceMini Ping Pong by VanGreyCraft table and kids’ activities by PleasurecraftSpecial site animator surprises

Lula Lounge, 1585 Dundas St. W.Doors 3 p.m. to 11 p.m.$10 advance and at the door. Children under 12 freeMORE INFO


unc mid summer BPIf you aren't experiencing fatigue with the proliferation of the myriad of Block Parties, we bring it back to Toronto's realest most fucken badass Block Party...On Sunday August 9, 2015, join us for another summer afternoon and evening of music and isn't complete without Block Party! Once more, we’ll have all of this for you: Live music and DJs, an artist marketplace, food and drinks at an outdoor licensed area, face-painting and activities for the kids and great fun all day and into the night. Bring the kids, the crew and the good vibes ... we'll take care of the rest.Block Party IV with Maracatu Mar Aberto @ Clay & Paper Theatre pic Liciane MatosFeaturing:Live:Maracatu Mar Aberto (Afro-Brazilian percussion and song) with special guest from Brazil Alexandre Garnizé! Los Poetas (Raw Latino hiphop)Flávia Nascimento (Forró & MPB)DJs:General EclecticGrouchK-Zar DubwiseLinternaA Man Called WarwickMks**Schedule to come**Sound by Dub Connection sound systemDecor by PleasureCraft10626151_370263326460460_2535749635068081247_oPlus:MiniPongArts MarketOutdoor stage and big soundOnce again we’ll be at Clay & Paper Theatre, right by Liberty Village, a short walk south from Trinity Bellwoods park.Location:35 Strachan Avenue (at Ordnance St.)Clay & Paper Theatre/Maracatu Mar Aberto warehouse space (next to the bridge across train tracks)*Kitty-corner from E Liberty St./Strachan Ave. bus stop (Ossington 63 route)*South on Strachan Ave. from King St. W. (Continue south on Strachan Ave from Wellington St. W./Douro St.)*North on Strachan Ave. if coming from Fort York or Lakeshore Blvd.Presented in association with Maracatu Mar Aberto and Clay & Paper Theatre.Part of the Pan Am Jam series presented with the assistance of the Ontario Arts Council and the Toronto Arts Council.2

Brazilian Block Party: Lumanota!

Brazilian_Block_Party_767x332_eIt is no secret that the foundation of Uma Nota has been making Brazilian style cultural manifestations happen in Toronto.  You know, parties with that creative fashion that the people in Terris Brasilis do so well. It seems our colleagues at Luminato took notice, and so, we present: #LUMANOTA! the Brazilian Block Party at Luminato Festival of the Arts. Yes, you heard correct, Uma Nota’s summer season starts this year at Luminato’s Festival Hub with a full day and evening of Brazilian music and outdoor party fun. Celebrate the a tradition of festive gathering at an all-day public party with food, drink (the whole square is licenced), music and dance. Whether Carnaval, São João, or any one of the myriad of the country’s festivals, outdoor daytime street parties are a beloved part of the Brazilian cultural landscape.Now the talent is off the hook insane... expect so much good stuff all day long, starting chill and blowing up by the end of it.The acts:Mundo Livre S/A * Flávia Nascimento * Aline Morales & Forró Nite * Roda de Samba * Tio Chorinho * TDot Batu * DJ General Eclectic * DJ Ziko * Uma Nota Boi * Capoeira Malês & friends *Family-friendly event with animation by strolling artists & craft-making workshops. Mundo Liver S/A (in english: Free World Assoc. MUNDO LIVRE S/AFormed in Recife in 1984 out of three decommissioned punk bands, Mundo Livre’s idea was to connect the mangues (mangroves) of Recife with a worldly network of pop concepts. The Brazilian manguebeat band is credited as a founder of the manguebeat musical style, and since their inception has released three albums, the last of which was included in many best-of-the-year lists.Screen shot 2015-06-05 at 5.14.32 PMFLÁVIA NASCIMENTOFlávia Nascimento started her career in Brazil as an actress, before moving to Quebec City. She devoted herself to her singing in 2014, producing her first big solo show in Sherbrooke along with her four accompanying musicians that she affectionately dubs her Smallest Big Band. The show’s success now brings Flávia to Toronto. Viva Brasil!photo: Kevin JonesALINE MORALES & FORRO NITEAline Morales built her reputation as a percussionist and bandleader and with the 2011 release of her Juno-nominated Flores, Tambores e Amores she also revealed her prowess as a vocalist and composer. With her project Forró Nite, Aline brings it back to her roots with a set of traditional forró music, the irresistible dance music from the Northeast of Brazil.mms_20150423_004609 (1)RODA DE SAMBARoda de Samba is a generic term used in Rio de Janeiro and around Brazil when friends and musicians get together around or along a table, drink, eat and play classic samba songs on Brazilian instruments: pandeiros, rebolos, tamborims, and the cavacinho, a four string small ukelele type instrument that takes the melodic lead as everyone belts out the songs while crowds gather around. Roda de Samba, in Toronto, is a sextet of Brazilian expats who occasionally get together and belt out the old school samba songs for an entire afternoon.tiochoroTIO CHORINHOTio Chorinho is a Toronto ensemble dedicated to performing Brazilian choro music in the tradition of the great mandolin master Jacob do Bandolim. The group formed in 2009 and the group’s growing repertoire of choro classics includes pieces by such iconic composers as Pixinguinha, Ernesto Nazareth, Waldyr Azavedo, and of course Jacob do Bandolim.Tdot Batú at PSK Kensington, June 2014 (Photo: Manish Pothen)TDOT BATUTdot Batu is one of the newest Brazilian drum troupes in Toronto. With a diverse group of youth holding down the drums, they perform traditional samba reggae with their own creative edge. Samba Reggae became popular in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil in the 1980s when the traditional Afro-Blocos began combining Bahian rhythms like ijexa and samba with influences from the Carribean. Joining Tdot Batu will be Salviano Pessoa and dancers from Dance Migration.general_eclectic_3 (1)GENERAL ECLECTICGeneral Eclectic is renowned in the downtown core as the man who has styles upon styles. His record crates go deep and when he is on the decks, the people only know how to dance. He is part of the original Uma Nota Culture collective. He brings the tropical sound, and connects the dots on the Brazilian spectrum of music yet does not leave any relevant musical form Brian MedinaBOIZINHO GAMESThe Boi is an elaborate and theatrical tale about a mythical bull that is killed and resurrected on a farm in Northern Brazil. The story involves a farmer, his wife, the farmhand and his wife, and lots of music and dancing! The boizinho or little bull, has come to be synonymous all over Brazil as just a roaming party and can be accompanied by any rhythm. Our Uma Nota Boizinho will involve childrens games, a dance and song workshop and revelry for everyone! 

Domingão do Samba! (Big Sunday Samba!)


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Once again, in the tradition of cultural fairs and Block Party, we present Domingão do Samba (Big Samba Sunday) an afternoon to evening event specially made into a Quadra de Samba, or Samba School rehearsal hall in Rio de Janeiro. Everybody is welcome. Bring the family, chill out, dance, play and hang while the Roda de Samba plays, or go wild as the Batucada plays the big stage!

There will be Brazilian feijoada and tapioca stands, an arts and food marketplace, children’s activities and games including face painting and mini ping pong. There will be incredible music from Rio's rich samba traditions:

Batucada Carioca with special guests (Bateria led by Maninho Costa)

Roda de Samba (Brazilian roots samba)

DJ General Eclectic (MPB, samba soul, samba-rock)

Screen shot 2015-04-04 at 8.34.57 PM

Batucada Carioca (led by Maninho Costa) 7:30 pmBatucada Carioca is Toronto’s premiere Rio-style samba troupe. Led by Rio native sambista Maninho Costa ("Maninho z10"), Batucada has a raw uplifting style. After a spectacular 10th anniversary show last fall on the Great Hall stage, this time out the samba party includes a beefed-up bateria (samba drums) to give an extra-heavy swing on a selection of classic samba-enredos and other beloved sambas to guarantee a great time for all and singalongs for Brazilians and samba addicts alike. The show features Carlinhos Pernambuco on cavaco and Wagner Petrilli on seven-string guitar along with more special guest performers soon TBA, including Aline Morales among them.Roda de Samba (Brazilian roots samba) 4:00pmA ‘roda de samba’ or circle of samba, is a a gathering of friends who play and sing classic samba tunes with smaller instrumentation (as opposed to the baterias of big samba schools). In Brazil, a roda de samba can take place on market days or at bars with people gathering around a table of seated musicians eating, dancing, rejoicing and often singing along in chorus. In Toronto, Carlos Pernambuco has been at the forefront of this movement, with his infectious voice and cavaquinho leading the songs. The Roda de Samba will happen in the afternoon while the feijoada is being served and other activities happen around the venue.Uma_Nota_Fest_54DJ General Eclectic. Our resident and co-founder General Eclectic is up on the Ones and Twos. His record collection runs deep and his musical knowledge is beyond vast. As his name implies, his tastes are ‘eclectic’ and he can bring out ska/reggae, soul/funk, afrobeat/jazz, cumbia and the Brazilian rhythms, with a longtime love and knowledge of MPB and samba soul references. He will be bringing out great tunes for your dancing feet.


Kids activities! Samba dancers to help you learn your movesFace painting by skinfulARTMini Pong for all by VanGreyArtist Market

Food:Tapioca stand by Tapioca GourmetFeijoada DelightAçaí and Salgadinhos Chocolate, Choco Drink & Coffee by ChocoSol

The Great Hall, 1087 Queen St. WestDoors 2 p.m.Schedule & Set times TBA$10 at the door (from 2 to 6 p.m.), $15 after 6 p.m.

Co-presented with Batucada Carioca 

Facebook event page 


Global Rhythm w/ José Marquez

We are delving into the world of electronic ecstatic rhythmacism... also known as house music... check the vibes on April 11th, 201511115764_10153081308101609_1029642258267025686_o

Uma Nota & Solid Garage present Global Rhythm

 JOSÉ MARQUEZ (Tribe, Yoruba Records, Los Angeles)

YOGI (Solid Garage Toronto)

special live performance by:


Sat April 11th 10pm Remix - 1305 Dundas St. W. Toronto

hosted by Pradeep & Bridgette

$10 Adv Tickets, $15 @ Door

Buy Tickets[soundcloud url="" params="auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false&visual=true" width="100%" height="600" iframe="true" /]

Los Angeles DJ/Producer Jose Marquez’s musical influence is a result of being brought up on a stable diet of Latin and World Music. Always intrigued by electronic sounds, Jose's mission has been to fuse his love of world rhythms with the dance floor. Jose indeed succeeded when he burst onto the scene in 2010 with memorable remixes & edits of artists such as Celia Cruz, Nina Simone, Oumou Sangare and many others…In less than two years time, Jose was blessed with the opportunity to introduce his sound to the world by remixing for renowned Housemusic labels such as Tribe Records, Djoon Experience, Vega/Nulu Records, United Music, Yoruba Records, Wonderwheel and Deeper Shades Recordings. Since then, he continues to travel the globe uniting nations on the dance floor with his signature sound performing at major clubs and events such as Djoon (Paris), Global Fantasy (Athens), Solid Garage (Toronto), DEEP (Los Angeles), Crossroads (NYC), Mi Casa es su Casa (Mexico), Uhuru Afrika (Boston) Cachimba (Melbourne), Electrafrique (Nairobi) Voodoo (CasablancaOur partner in this production is DJ Yogi, the first purveyor behind, Solid Garage, Groove Institute and a crucible behind the scenes of the house music world’s underground warehouse sounds. Garage can be described as an extension of the Garage Sound born in the early '80's at The Paradise Garage (NYC). The musicplayed at this club by the Legendary Larry Levan, defined the term GARAGE and influenced the next generation of soulful dance music. Solid Garage's goal is to promote the many layers of this garage sound which is heavily inspired by the roots of soul, jazz, Afro-Latin, disco, techno and house.And of course... Batucada CariocaBatucada Carioca is the rawest form of samba bateria that you will ever see outside of Brazil. Batucada means drumming group and carioca means from Rio de Janeiro, and Batucada Carioca is the real deal. Led by the venerable Maninho Costa, born in Ilha do Governador in Rio’s Zona Norte and nephew of the great samba school master Odilon Costa, he is recognized as one of the most bad-ass players anywhere in the world. He brings the real samba flavour to our Global Rhythm party. They killed it at their 10th Anniversary Feijoda at last year's community cultural fair, this year they will bring the intense vibes to the our late night dance party.  

Yes yes Uma Nota Fest

The fourth annual Uma Nota Festival of Tropical Expressions  running October 16th to the 19th brings fresh bands, more DJs, more Brazil and more global citizenship. Four days of music, dance food and culture for your senses. Ok so this is just a temporary post before we get all the write ups on the artists etc.. check the posters and the schedule on the Festival page. So please check back here for updates, videos, dj mixes etc etc...umanota_festival2014_eflyer3

Uproot Andy's global bass domination gets Noisey (and comes to T.O.)

image from mixpackFresh off a Mexican tour, where he did up a nearly one-hour mix special for Noisey Mexico (that country's arm of the VICE music property), Uproot Andy  continues the worldwide global bass takeover was on last time he came to town (with partner in crime Geko Jones from Brooklyn's Que Bajo!? at our festival's Bridges Tropical Mashup night).Here's a bit from the preamble of his interview with Noisey Mexico (the article title, loosely translated: "97% of the time [this music is] a celebration of identity").

La primera vez que Uproot Andy vino al Distrito Federal fue para tocar en un Day Off y nos dimos cuenta de que además de ser un DJ con mucho incansable, es también un productor ingenioso, nada tímido y está completamente determinado a llevar la palabra del Global Bass a todos los rincones del mundo [Paulina, the writer, recalls] the first time he came to Mexico City to play [an event called] Day Off, her crew commented that beyond Andy's tirelessness as a party DJ,  he is an ingenious producer, by no means shy attitude and completely determined to make global bass known in each and every corner of the world.

The writer here also urges readers, before she interviews the man, not to miss his appearance at that city's "Tropical Storm" festival, recommending they download the mix and try it for any dancing style or on a bike ride.By the time our global bass ambassador comes back to town, even the winter-shy among us can bicycle over to the party. As the bass operative on a mission to spread the music worldwide from Brooklyn lofts to festivals in Mexico, Colombia and beyond, Andy gets full props on the global citizen tip. He speaks fluent Spanish and his best tingz in the world proudly speak to other world citizens (Montreal bagels make the list, as does Barranquilla's Carnaval).Global as he is, Uproot Andy is even a hometown Toronto son, though he only makes so many visits. Next up is May 10 at Uma Nota! We can't resist the opportunity to bring Uproot Andy for a spring dancefloor "worldwide" kinda thing 'cause it works so nice. Plus, we wanted to give him more time rocking it for you all after last year's appearance at the Great Hall. For the playback style party, bringing the old school Uma Nota vibe, we've got Uproot Andy -- special delivery from Brooklyn -- alongside Maracatu Mar Aberto playing one of their first stage shows of the year, including some new songs and percussive touches. That covers the live, thundering Afro-Brazilian percussion end of things, and our resident selector DJ General Eclectic rounds out the night with vinyl and digital dance floor delights. We're also excited to host the event at Mojo Lounge on Dundas West (formerly Pacha and others), where we'll take advantage of the powerful sound system, drinks at good prices and continue the new management (namely our Brazilian friend Jeferson Camilo)'s trend of bringing good Brazilian and tropical vibes to the house with our signature Uma Nota party style.Uproot Andy plays in Toronto on May 10 for The Uma Nota Worldwide Thing, also featuring Maracatu Mar Aberto and DJ General Eclectic.  Saturday, May 10 at Mojo Lounge, 1305 Dundas Street West. $10 in advance, more at the door.  (Facebook event pageumanota_may2014_4x6_4

Release the Inner Fire. Souljazz Orchestra

souljazz1 Ok the Souljazz Orchestra released a new CD, Inner Fire.  Already an established name on the Canadian groove music scene, they have done it again and there is no other band that delivers so consistently over and over again. Inner Fire is a culmination of the years of influence, from West African, American funk and soul, Brazilian, Latin and beyond. All of it is seamlessly put down in an original fashion and presented with just the right sensibility to make your inner movement meter settle at the perfect cadence for your feet to follow. Hype? Yes we are pretty hype about it. And we are presenting them on March 7 at the Garrison. Buy Tickets!Pierre Chretien, band leader/composer described the album best in an interview with CBC music: "Inner Fire is a bit of a synthesis of the different styles we've touched on throughout the years: it has some of the Afro elements of our earlier albums, Freedom No Go Die andManifesto, with the spiritual jazz of Rising Sun, and the tropical grooves of Solidarity. It's definitely one of our favourites so far."You can listen to Inner Fire until March 3rd on CBCMUSIC. Also check the mini mix history of Soulkjazz Orchestra below.

Mar Aberto Christmas Classic

Mar Aberto Christmas ClassicMaracatu Mar Aberto & Uma Nota Culture present a stellar holiday party:The Mar Aberto Christmas ClassicBring your cheer and raise a glass to celebrate a time of renewal and another year gone by!Come early wine & dine, or come late party and dance. Or both.Everyone is welcome!featuringMaracatu Mar AbertoDance Migration CompanyLuanda JonesMar Aberto SoundSystemDJ General EclecticSpecial guest: Lady SonLula Lounge1585 Dundas Street WestThursday December 19th7:30 p.m.$10 at the door -- $35 with dinnerMore info on the Lula Lounge website here.Facebook event page here.Mar Aberto Christmas Classic

Informações em Português: Festival Uma Nota 2013


Terceiro Festival Uma Nota Festival


INFORMAÇOES ATUALIZADAS -- 11 de Outubro de 2013

 O terceiro festival anual Uma Nota acontecerá entre 17 e 20 de Outubro de 2013.Uma Nota é uma série de eventos únicos com foco em música afro-brasileira, latina, caribenha, funk e soul oferecidas por bandas, djs e atrações ao vivo.

Com quatro dias de música, artes e cultura de toda a América, este é o maior festival do Uma Nota até agora. A programação de música ao vivo e dos djs conta com artistas de Nova York, do Reino Unido e do Brasil, junto com os melhores músicos da cena local, representando a manifestação mais tangível de Toronto de experiência Pan-Americana.

É raro encontrar em Toronto a música e a cultura das Américas numa miscigenação tão diversa e colorida como essa. Este ano o festival convida inovadores globais e ainda comemora a miscigenação das cenas brasileira, latina e “groove” de Toronto.


Agenda do Festival Uma Nota 2013

[soundcloud url="" params="" width=" 100%" height="150" iframe="true" /]

Quinta-feira, 17 de Outubro

Festa de Abertura do Festival

Gladstone Hotel (ballroom), 1214 Queen St. W.

Os Tropies, Gord Sheard Brazilian Jazz Quintet e DJ Firecracker

Abertura as 9 p.m.

$10 na porta ou com antecedência no site do Uma Nota

Mais informações e ingressos

Evento no Facebook

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Sexta-feira, 18 de Outubro

World Soul Party

The Garrison, 1197 Dundas St. W.

Alice Russell (U.K.), Phil Motion and the Easy Lo-Fi, Marques Toliver and DJ General Eclectic

Abertura as 9 p.m.

Ingressos $23 no site do World Famous Music

Co-apresentado por World Famous Music

Mais informações e ingressos

Evento no Facebook

 [soundcloud url="" params="" width=" 100%" height="150" iframe="true" /]

Sábado,19 de Outubro

Bridges Tropical Mashup: Live, Analog & Digital

(OBS: música ao vivo, digital e analógica)

The Great Hall, 1087 Queen St. W.

No salão principal:

Ao vivo: Bloco Bracatum, Los Hijos de Tuta

DJs: Uproot Andy (NYC), Geko Jones (NYC)

Show de abertura: Lido Pimienta

No salão de vinil (Record Room): Jason Palma (Footprints), Humble Mike and MC Bookshelf (Record Collective), Guv’nor General (Pressure Drop)

Abertura as 9 p.m.

$12 ingressos antecipados online / $15 na porta até 11 p.m.  ou $20 após

Co-apresentado por Dos Mundos Arts and Media

Salão de vinil (Record Room) co-apresentado por Footprints

Mais informações e ingressos 

Evento no Facebook

*NOVO* Artista visual Angela Vargas (Ecuador/Toronto) vai criar arte de cena com o tema "universo paralelo" para a festa)

Domingo, 20 de Outubro

Feira Comunitária Cultural (Community Cultural Fair)

Lula Lounge, 1585 Dundas St. W.

Música: Tio Chorinho, Rick Udler, Heavyweights Brass Band e Forrallstar (forró), mais o DJ Mogpaws (Simmer Down)

Mais oficinas, palestras culturais (cultural talks), dança, feijoada, “work-show” de caipirinhas por Cachaça Pitú, e atividades para crianças

Porta 2 p.m. até meia-noite

"Pague quanto puder” (Pay What You Can) -- $5 doação mínima sugerida até 7 p.m., ou$10 após)

Co-apresentado por Dos Mundos Arts and Media, Koffler Centre of the Arts and Lula Music and Arts Centre

Mais informações, agenda do dia e ingressos 

Evento no Facebook


Os ingressos já estão à venda aqui em nosso site.

Pulseira do Festival (vale para todos os shows e oficinas): $40.

O Festival Uma Nota agradece o apoio do Ontario Arts Council

Info de artistas e programação (*info de oficinas abaixo)

Artistas internacionais incluem:


  • Compositor brasileiro, arranjador e mestre de violão "fingerstyle" Rick Udler. Sua performance interativa no festival deste ano é será sua única apresentaçãoToronto, e ele estará em turnê com seu último álbum, Terra. O Rick estará acompanhado por percussionista Alan "Canadense" Hetherington, diretor da Escola de Samba de Toronto.

Uproot Andy & Geko Jones

  • De Nova York, os DJs Uproot Andy e Geko Jones da série de festas Que Bajo?!, que destaca música latina-eletrônica como Tropical Bass e Cumbia Eletrônica

Alice Russell

  • A cantora inglesa Alice Russell, uma figura-chave na cena soul britânica. A voz e performance da Russell é comparada com à da Aretha Franklin, e ela tem colaborado com vàrios grandes artistas e produtores como Mr. Scruff e David Byrne e ela canta com o produtor Quantic em sua Soul Orchestra.

Artistas da cena local incluem:

Bloco Bracatum led by Contra-Mestre Bola of Capoeira Camara

  • Banda d percussão Afro-brasileira Bloco Bracatum, liderado pelo Contra-Mestre Bola do grupo Capoeira Camará e contando com a participação do baterista Riquinho Fernandes.


  • Choro pelo quarteto querido Tio Chorinho, atualmente o único grupo de choro no Canadá.
  • Forrallstar, uma "super banda" produzida pelo festival, com os músicos preferidos de forró da cidade em um grande encontro. Convidada especial: Cantora e percussionista brasileira Flávia Nascimento da banda Forrossanova da cidade de  Quebec, que recentemente se apresentou em Toronto (em Agosto 2013 com a banda Zé Fuá do Luciano Porto) e que Uma Nota convidou de volta para participar em Forrallstar.

  • (OBS: Tio Chorinho e Forrallstar contam com a participação do percussionista Maninho Costa e do vocalista / guitarrista Carlos Cardoso.)

  • Jazz brasileiro de novo quintet do compositor Canadense Gordon Sheard, que gravou seu último álbum na Bahia e em Toronto com músicos brasileiros e canadenses.

  • Os TropiesTropicália e sons indie da banda Os Tropies, que também está gravando um novo trabalho.Heavyweights Brass Band_Diana Piruzevska 620
  • Banda de metais Heavyweights Brass Band, que acabou de gravar novos trabalhos em estúdio e que está produzindo o seu segundo álbum, com arranjos criativos da música popular dos Estados Unidos, especialmente de New Orleans, funk, e estilos latinos, junto com composições próprias.

  • Som eletrônico e vocais com outro elementos, da artista Colombiana radicada em Toronto Lido Pimienta.

  • Banda de cumbia colombiana Los Hijos de Tuta, tocando a música chamada “parrandera”, da região interior do país. A banda raramente se apresenta no centro de Toronto.

Além disso, o festival inclui uma série completa de oficinas de artes pan-americanas e palestras culturais, apresentadas por Dos Mundos Arts & Media e apoiado pelo Conselho de Artes de Toronto (Toronto Arts Council). Serão oferecidos oficinas, atividades familiares e  exibição de filmes através do BRAFFTV - Festival de Cinema Brasileiro em Toronto -- representam as varias artes e amostras culturais para o programa do festival deste ano além de área de alimentação onde serão servidos alimentos e bebidas.



Uma Nota anuncia programação acrescida de oficinas. A série de oficinas "Pontas Pan-americanos" (Pan American Bridges workshop series) é apresentada pela organização parceira Dos Mundos Arts and Media, junto com o apoio do Toronto Arts Council, como uma parte do Festival Uma Nota 2013.

Envolvendo e atingindo mais comunidades no Brasil, América do Sul e expressões norte-americanas, Dos Mundos e Uma Nota propõem que as pessoas descubram a arte e a cultura das Américas, de uma forma interativa, participativa e divertida.

Programa completo das oficinas (em Inglês):

Oficinas (workshops) serão "Pague o quanto puder" (Pay What You Can) ou gratuita

*Atualizações de programação incluidas*

Artistas e formas participando no programa incluem:

  • (Segunda-feiras 7 & 14 de Outubro, 7 p.m. (oficinas), e Sábado,19 de Outubro 3 p.m. (ensaio), Lula Lounge, 1585 Dundas St. W.) Sopros de rua: A música dos Carnavais de rua de Nova Orleans (EU), Mexico, Cuba e do Brasil (frevo, marchinha) com o Christopher Butcher da banda de sopros Heavyweights Brass Band. O Butcher vai guiar uma "master class" para os tocadores de sopro em uma série de estudos dos estilos musicais das comemorações de rua das culturas Pan-americanos. Duas oficinas e um ensaio culminam em Outubro, em uma performance na Feira Comunitária Cultural de Domingo, 20 de outubro no Lula Lounge. Inscrições pelo e-mail (em Inglês) para o Chris Butcher: chris[@] para se registrar com antecedência. Nível de estudo do instrumento de sopro do ensino médio e acima.

  • DATA CORRIGIDA (Quarta-feira, 16 de Outubro, 8 p.m., Broadway Arts Centre, 35 Golden Ave., Suite 108) Dança brasileira com foco em movimentos dos Orixás e do maracatu, com a Adrianna Yanuziello da companhia Dance Migration.

  • (Quinta-feira, 17 de Outubro, 8 p.m., Bavia Arts Studio, 898 St. Clair Ave W.) Dança urbana/de rua com Diana Reyes ("Fly Lady Di"), destacando a influência Latina em estilos de dança de rua urbana, incluindo house, movimentos Uprock e breaking (breakdance).

  • NOVO (Sábado,19 de Outubro,1:30-3 p.m., Lula Lounge, 1585 Dundas St. W.) Ioga Cubano em Toronto com instrutor de ioga Eduardo Pimentel de Cuba (Sat. Oct. 19 at Lula Lounge, 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.)

  • (Sábado,19 de Outubro,1:30-3 p.m., Lula Lounge, 1585 Dundas St. W.) Tambor e dança Colombiano e música de gaita com o Ruben Esguerra (da banda New Tradition, ou A Nova Tradição) e sua família.

  • (Sábado,19 de Outubro, 2:00-6:30 p.m., Miles Nadal JCC, 750 Spadina Ave.) Capoeira Regional (estilo tradicional de Mestre Bimba) e danças afins Afro-Brasileiras (Puxada de rede, Maculelê, Samba de Roda) com a Professora Estrelinha (Lang Liu) do grupo Filhos de Bimba Escola de Capoeira.

  • (Sábado, de 19 Outubro, 7 p.m., Bavia Arts Studio, 898 St. Clair Ave W.) Aula de dança do forró por Goreti Cardoso de Brazil Dance World, para preparar para uma  história interativa como parte de apresentação do forró na Feira Comunitária Cultural de Domingo, 20 de outubro no Lula Lounge

Oficinas e palestras (talks), Domingo, 20 de outubro no Lula Lounge, 1585 Dundas St. W., na Feira Comunitária Cultural (Community Cultural Fair):

  • (2:30 p.m.) Discussão sobre a transformação da comunidade através das artes, com a chilena radicada em Canada, Gilda "Fiya Bruxa" Monreal e a Coletivo das Artes Essencia (Essencia Arts Collective), cujos membros têm trabalhado extensivamente com jovens, grupos e comunidades em São Paulo e toda a América Latina, e também Toronto e Montreal.

  • (4 p.m.) Palestra sobre as políticas públicas e a arte e cultura no Brasil (como os programas e iniciativas Cultura Viva e Pontos de Cultura do Gilberto Gil). Palestra por Valentine Moreno do Centro das Artes Koffler (Koffler Centre of the Arts).

  • (4:30 p.m.) "Fandango fun": O som jarocho e outras músicas e danças Mexicanas com o duo de Café Con Pan.

  • (4:30 p.m.) NOVO: Apresentacao de fotos e palestra por fotógrafo Jason Gardner (baseado em Nova Iorque) do livro recentemente publicado, A Flower in the Mouth (Uma Flor na Boca): The Beauty and Burden of Carnaval in Pernambuco, Brazil. O livro também vai estar à venda.

  • (6:30 p.m.) Coco de Roda, uma dança e “brincadeira” do nordeste Brasileiro, com o grupo Maracatu Mar Aberto e convidado especial Professor Sapo (Olindense) do grupo Capoeira Camara. NOVO: Flávia Nascimento, cantora e percussionista brasileira da banda Forrossanova da cidade de  Quebec, que vai cantar em Forrallstar no final da noite, também vai participar na oficina interativa de Coco de Roda.

Para ver o programa completo das oficinas (em Inglês), acesse:

Apoio: Toronto Arts Council

Patrocinadores e parcerias da comunidade brasileira do Festival Uma Nota 2013:

  • Brazil Remittance

  • Pitú Cachaça

  • O Festival Uma Nota 2013 é co-apresentado com BRAFFTV - Festival de Cinema Brasileiro em Toronto (16-20 Outubro, 2013)

  • Mais parcerias da comunidade: Brazil Dance World, Bavia Arts, aluCine Latin Film & Media Arts, Nossa TV Canada, Maracatu Mar Aberto

Para ver todos os patrocinadores e parcerias, acesse: (OBS: site em Inglês)

Apresentado por Uma Nota Culture

Página de Facebook:

Grupo de Facebook:


Sobre Uma Nota e Festival Uma Nota

Uma Nota é uma série de eventos únicos com foco em música afro-brasileira, Latina, Caribenha, funk e soul oferecidas por bandas e atrações ao vivo e dos DJs. A série original das festas Uma Nota ocorreu entre 2007 e 2011 no Gladstone Hotel na Queen St. West em Toronto. Em 2011 Uma Nota realizou seu primeiro Festival Uma Nota, e agora vai acontecer pela terceira vez. Uma Nota também realiza outros shows, eventos, produções culturais e co-apresentações durante o decorrer di  ano, e publica matérias originais em seu blogs e vídeos.

O evento Uma Nota é uma ‘experiência compartilhada’. É um evento "sem espectadores, sem pretensões", em que os foliões ajudam a criar uma vibração positiva, unificada, tanto para a música ao vivo ou ao som dos DJs. Independente do estilo de música tocada, o evento mantém o astral das festas brasileiras, devido a mistura de brasileiros, canadenses e pessoas de diversas origens. Essa interação é responsável pelo clima de festa, onde as pessoas aproveitam a música como meio para um estado maior de alegria.

Uma Nota foi fundado e é realizado por três atuantes da cena artistica de Toronto: o produtor cultural Alex Bordokas, que escreve sobre e apresenta cultura brasileira no Canadá e já produziu eventos em Belo Horizonte, Rio de Janeiro, Montreal e Toronto, também recebeu um prêmio pela difusão da cultura brasileira no Brazilian Day Canada 2011; o DJ e artista de desenho gráfico General Eclectic, que já foi responsável por muitas séries de eventos em Toronto, sempre tocando e criando arte visual; e o jornalista e músico Jonathan Rothman, que já fez reportagens no Brasil para a emissora CBC/Radio-Canada e que toca em vários grupos de música e percussão brasileira em Toronto.

Outras matérias em Português sobre os eventos Uma Nota e Festival Uma Nota: (Festa de aniversário de 6 anos do Uma Nota) (Festa Uma Nota: Edição “Hot Spring” com Aline Morales -- p. 6) (Festival 2011) (Shows de lançamento do primeiro disco da banda Os Tropies, em parceria com Uma Nota -- p. 22) (Festa de aniversário de 4 anos do Uma Nota)

Uma Nota Festival 2014


The 4th Annual Uma Nota Festival of Tropical Expressions is here! Four days of music, dance food and culture for your senses. Check out our programming, save the dates and see you on the dance floor. We have a festival pass once again this year and it gives you access to all our events (excluding Terra Brasil), a line by-pass and lotsa love from the Uma Nota team.Buy Festival Pass! #UmaNotaFest 

Festival Launch - #UmaNotaFest Thursday

umanota_festival2014_facebook_thursday_1000pixels Uma Nota Festival 2014 and the Brazilian Film Festival of Toronto (Brafftv) kick off an extended weekend with Flavia Nascimento and Band, live MPB (Musica Popular Brasileira) sprinkled with forró and topped off with fine Brazilian selections. Free! (FB event)

Dance Migration presents Terra Brasil - #UmaNotaFest

umanota_festival2014_facebook_friday_1000pixels Afro-Brazilian dance company The Dance Migration perform Terra Brasil, a captivating theatrical dance piece performed to live music by local and visiting Brazilian aces. Tickets Available. (FB event)

Friday Night Jamboree - #UmaNotaFest Friday

umanota_festival2014_facebook_friday2_1000pixels Our Friday Night Jamboree is live goodness & incredible djs. An international crew bring you the tropical sounds from an international world to the El Mocambo in one of the last shows you may ever see at this legendary Toronto venue. Come see live reggae, Latin urban beats and sounds from the global underground. The very best for you, in our city, live. (FB event)Buy Tickets Friday Night Jamboree

Digital Tropics - #UmaNotaFest Saturday

umanota_festival2014_facebook_saturday_1000pixels_2 (1)Sweaty sounds from the transglobal underground. This year we’re going one step further by joined forces  with the X Avant Festival for a transcultural party at Remix Lounge featuring New York’s DJ Ushka in her Canadian debut alongside the infamous Poirier from Montreal. Expect digital ecstasy and a few surprises. (FB event)Buy Tickets Digital Tropics

Batucada Carioca 10-year anniversary party  - #UmaNotaFest Community Cultural Fair

umanota_festival2014_facebook_sunday_1000pixels In the Uma Nota tradition of cultural fairs and Block Party, we present Batucada Carioca’s 10 year anniversary party and an afternoon to evening event specially made into a Quadra de Samba, or a Samba School rehearsal hall in Rio de Janeiro. There will be Brazilian feijoada and tapioca stands, an arts and food marketplace, children’s activities and games including face painting and mini ping pong. There will be incredible music rooted in the samba traditions. (Facebook event)Buy Tickets Batucada Carioca 10 year party & Cultural Fair

Check the video of last year's Uma Nota Festival!


Uma Nota: Throwback edition -- July 5 at the Gladstone Hotel

Uma Nota: Throwback editionThrowback!The Gladstone Hotel was the venue for the four years of our original Uma Nota series. The intimate ballroom was our shared stage, where the bands, the DJs, and everyone on that dance floor kept things lively.That unique vibe is how we're ringing in our sixth year, with the live dub sounds and Brazilian rhythms of Mar Aberto SoundSystem, and a special guest DJ set by Andycapp of Bang the Party with Tropicalia, disco and everything good. General Eclectic holds down the reggae, Latin, MPB, and Afrobeat. And we bring a fine night of music, dance, fun and friends back to the place where we started.Here is a video from a recent Mar Aberto SoundSystem show, thanks to Leonardo TenanThis one is also our six-year anniversary!Uma Nota: Throwback editionGladstone Hotel ballroom1214 Queen St. W.Friday, July 5Doors 10 p.m.$5 to the first 50 people before 11 p.m.$10 online advance tickets ($15 otherwisePurchase advance tickets here via EventbriteFeaturing: Mar Aberto SoundSystem | Aberto SoundSystem is the sounds of dub reggae, funk and classic MPB with Brazilian rhythms like maracatu, samba, coco, ciranda and Afro grooves. Percussionists and singers from Maracatu Mar Aberto are joined by talented locals on bass, guitar and horns along with Brazil-Toronto vocalist/songwriter Capinan.Special guest DJ: Andycapp | collector and experienced selector Andycapp is a founding member (and now holds down solo) the always packed Toronto series Bang the Party. From Tropicalia to disco and electro, Andycapp unapologetically mixes as he likes to keep things big and bumpin'.DJ General Eclectic Uma Nota DJ General Eclectic busts out the finest dancing cuts in the tune of ska, descarga, MPB and Afrobeat.Hosted by John Greco and PrinceProduced by Uma Nota CultureFacebook event page here

The Stop Night Market in the Alley.

stop marketThe Stop Night Market, is just that, a market at night (well, Toronto's 'daytime' night at the end of June). The Stop Community Food Centre is holding its second annual Night Market on June 18 and June 19 this year, in the alleyway behind Honest Ed’s. A wide collection of incredible chefs serve up the good stuff and offer their edible specialties to the people on wickedly designed carts. Students from the Ryerson's School of Interior Design have teamed up with different chefs to design the special cool carts. It would seem community engagement is flourishing at the school!The atmosphere is rich, the beer cold, and the variety of food astounding.  The whole event raises funds for The Stop commitment to increase access to healthy food in a manner that maintains dignity, builds health and community and challenges inequality. More here. An amazing thing about this? All the time and money people have donated to have this event come to fruition: Coleman is providing BBQs for the chefs, Ryerson is providing stundent power & creativity, plus, the chefs, the incredible production team, the performers, Honest Ed's, all of the sponsors, and of course, the public. The tickets, at $50, for all you can eat food, sold out in two hours! Toronto Life magazine listed this event as one of the reasons to love Toronto.New this year will be live musical performances during the evening, with Maria Bonita & the Band on Tuesday the 18th, Maracatu Mar Aberto and the Heavyweights Brass Band on Wednesday the 19th. On the Tuesday, there is also Toronto's number one street music party band who are super fun, punky and Balkany... but we can't reveal their identity, as per their request (so we'll just allude to them for those in the know). ;) The programming was curated in part by Uma Nota Culture. If you were lucky enough to get a ticket, we hope to see you there!TheSTop2Carts