Global Bass Avant: Chief Boima and World Music 2.0

The Music Gallery, a hub for innovative music and its appreciation in Toronto, presents an annual X Avant New Muisic Festival. (We interviewed composer/producer David Arcus ahead of his MG showcase last June.)Among the many music afficionados and creative producers involved -- Sandro Perri and Nick Storring are a couple of the local highlights -- artistic director David Dacks is bringing together a night focused around global bass and "World Music 2.0." (Here's a great piece on global bass by Marcus Boon, another recent Uma Nota Culture collaborator.)What is World Music 2.0? David Dacks, ever the eloquent journalist, breaks it down:When it comes to cross-cultural musical experimentation, there is simply nomore active arena than that of “World Music 2.0” in which the scholars are urban dancefloor guerrillas. Sounds, rhythms, technology and cultural heritage are digitally garburated and come out, in the words of WM 2.0 authority “Wayne & Wax” Marshall, as nu-whirled music.WM 2.0 offers both inspired and banal sounds as radical innovations collide with pop convention. This culture jam isn’t meant to be permanent; its components come together and apart for one night only. In many ways WM 2.0 fulfills the promise of new music – additive, aleatoric sounds, true cultural fusion, the questioning of distinctions between high and low art.At the same time, this is club culture as inspired by legendary clubs of yesteryear like the Paradise Garage and the Twilight Zone: a communal celebration of the possibilities of multiculturalism where all walks of life are welcome. Besides the fact that this jam -- which also features the Montreal-based Masalacism crew (a WM 2.0 touchstone) represented by DJ Valeo -- will take place at our old stomping grounds, Toronto's Gladstone Hotel ballroom, the main guest we're excited about for this one is DJ Chief Boima, a member along with DJ/Rupture of NYC's Duttz Artz crew. Between Chief Boima, Valeo and opener Daniel Vila of Kensington Market "secret nightclub/art space" Double Double Land, the showcase on global bass makes for an appealing, electronic and highly creative cultural jam.With that, and as a way to get hyped for our own festival the weekend following this show, The Music Gallery has offered the Uma Nota community a deal on tickets. Send us an email no later than Friday, October 12 at noon ET and we'll add your name and those of your guests (we need names!) to a special Uma Nota list for the $6 Music Gallery member price. Please email umanotaculture (at) gmail (dot) com with the names for this list by noon on Fri. Oct. 12. Facebook event / Music Gallery listing