The samba style of Jô Lutério

One of the brightest recent additions to Toronto's Brazilian music scene is Jô Lutério, a singer/songwriter from Rio de Janeiro. Following an invitation from fellow Carioca musician friend Carla Dias, who had lived in Toronto some time, Lutério arrived in the summer of 2011 with music in mind. The two already had a project together from Rio called Sintonia Carioca and went straight to work playing shows, and in early 2012, they recorded their first album, O Som da Sintonia. Lutério grew up hearing samba in the family quintal (backyard), and her grandfather was a composer for the samba school Unidos de São Carlos, today known as the school Estácio de Sá. Her uncles were samba percussionists and the entire experience of being around samba since childhood greatly influences her musical work.Lutério has been playing since she was 16 and in Rio was best known for her group Cafundó, which started in 2008 and performed around the state of Rio de Janeiro, including a turn the popular concert venue Circo Voador in Lapa (in the city centre of Rio). Her songwriting includes tunes in the styles of MPB, reggae and pop, but she has also been developing a roda de samba project.Since her arrival in Toronto in August 2011, Lutério was quickly introduced to many of the musicians and music fans in the Brazilian community, including several Uma Nota community members and agitators. Of the local scene, she comments: "I think it's interesting there are so many people that promote Brazilian culture here, with maracatu and forró ... these Canadians take great interest in our culture. Really cool." The Brazilians here could be "um pouco mais unidos" (a bit more united), she notes, mentioning that there's still plenty of space for the community and its members to grow and evolve. But she's quick to note there's no lack of talent here. (On that note, we're excited to have her at the festival this year; details below.)For a glimpse into the dual Rio/Toronto worlds of Jô Lutério, check out these two versions of her song Minha Sorte:Acoustic styles com a familia in Rio:With Sintonia Carioca in Toronto:In the works for Lutério are a trip to Brazil to continue her work and present shows with her roda de samba project, as well as with Dias and Sintonia Carioca. Check out her performances in Toronto before she escapes the winter!Jô Lutério leads a roda de samba with guest musicians at the Community Cultural Fair on Sunday, October 21 at Supermarket in Kensington Market. (Facebook event page here)