Living, on video, part 2: More Toronto culture

The festival is nearly here, and we've got two more videos to get you ready to dance, interact, participate and generally make merry. (Check out our last video post for more Uma Nota videos.)First up, a festival preview in which musicians like Quique Escamilla and Maninho Costa talk about what makes playing at Uma Nota good and what's special about the event. We also hear from video producer Maya Bedward and photographer Asif Quadir, who are participants as well as colleagues, and from Uma Nota producer Alex Bordokas on what we're all about.Toronto, are you ready to surrender?Next up: Pure fun. This montage of music and dancing goodness from our recent (2012) events should get you hyped for this Saturday's Flagship Event at The Great Hall, at which the band providing the video's soundtrack will perform. (The tune is Kenshin by Sound One, who will be the first band up on Saturday.) Get ready!Big thanks to our awesome video editor Danny Alexander for these two videos! Thanks also to Leonardo Tenan for capturing many of these images.The Uma Nota Festival of Tropical Expressions takes place in Toronto on October 20 and 21, 2012.