MAKU good for Toronto

photo: Max Ocampo

Mama says you've got to go see M.A.K.U, son ... Toronto needs M.A.K.U Sound System, and M.A.K.U could need Toronto.

Toronto prides itself on being a global safe haven for immigrant cultures that come together, mix and flourish in a world of diversity and mutual respect and value. While some of that might be romantic Toronto propaganda, there are a lot of people who bring this in our city. Yes, we've a lot of mixing and digging of musical forms from around the world by all, whether you were born into it or just you happened to cross paths with the songs along the way.M.A.K.U does that too. As they put it: "M.A.K.U embodies an active quest for identity through sound and bodies in motion, and puts on a party for everyday people." Musically speaking, they pepper their Afro-Colombian rhythmic base with reggae, punk, Afrobeat, funk and a whole mess of influences that make up popular culture movements and dance floors the world over. Are we international, Toronto? Do we love the live vibe? Let's prove it: party time for a band not in our regular T-dot circle. These guys bring the #immigrantbeat.We have a city that loves the mashup of styles that bring the roots and are put through a digital filter for our sound system sensibilities. M.A.KU does all of that, and it's a safe bet they want a wicked crowd that appreciates great music that speak to these musical styles.  M.A.K.U is in town to play Lula Lounge on Thursday May 29, presented by Dos Mundos and Uma Nota as part of LulaWorld 2014.And  since we are a fully "Pan Am" city, let's represent and check out the movement that we espouse. Let's be wicked hosts to the immigrant beat from New York City; a band that combines traditional musical forms with pop and world influence. Check them out: M.A.K.U Sound System.M.A.K.U Soundsytem plays Lula Lounge on Thursday May 29, presented by Dos Mundos and Uma Nota as part of Lula World 2014. Opening act Mistura Fina (Brazilian trio) and DJ General Eclectic round out the night. Check out the Facebook Event and Lula Lounge listing.