Navideño Reimagined - A Post-Latin Christmas Concert

The Music Gallery in Toronto Friday December 16th, 2011. Navideño Reimagined. A show for Christmas, treat someone special to a unique concert.From the incredible musical mind of David Dacks, The Music Gallery's new Artistic Director, Exclaim writer/editor and host of CIUT's the Abtract Index, comes Navideño Reimagined. The concept is simple and beautiful, take a classic vintage album, one that has defined a community and a sound, and remix it it in a modern Latin context...The album, with 'a far from home at Christmas & so cold so cold flavour of diverse latin community in the US, is salsa. But don't expect a salsa show... expect a reflection of today's Latin music, diverse, produced, overt, subtle, wholly strong wholly proud and wholly historic. Think a little bit of Calle 13 and more... Writes Dacks "Asalto Navideño [the original album] was a statement about New York, but its themes are eminently adaptable to Toronto as well. Today’s Latin sounds continue to mix traditions from the Americas and the world, particularly with the aid of electronics."To this end, Dacks  has brought some international latin producers based in TO to remix tracks from the original album. Dacks says that at first he thought of a band playing the original tunes, but then considered the different perspectives and edge producers could derive from the record. The live element is certainly there to push it up a notch, with Steve Ward on trombone and Ruben Esguerra on percussion.From the Facebook event:Four producers have been commissioned to come up with new takes on the album’s classic material: Toronto’s DJ Linterna & Uladat, DJ Javier Estrada from Monterrey, MX and Sonora Longoria from San Antonio, TX. All have been widely acclaimed in “World Music 2.0” circles for their individual combinations of past and future music, groove and experimentation. Their electronic elements will be mixed with live instrumentation with Steve Ward on trombone and Ruben Esguerra on percussion.  Linterna - missin chiwas town (meli riddim) by dj linterna Vocalist Lido Pimienta, who splits her time between Toronto, London Ontario and Colombia, will be a key part of this evening. Her audacious hybrid of vocals, electronics, and humanist messages had made her one of Latin music’s fastest rising artists. Joining her on vocals is Ricardo Barboza. Lido Pimienta_Luces by Lido Pimienta