Ogguere live @ El Mocambo with DJ General Eclectic

Whatever happened to the emcee?? Well they are around. They are international. Cuba, China, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Malaysia... you name it... Many of us know the quality of Cuban musicians who have walked the streets of Toronto, shiiiit, there are lots. However, much less known is the quality of Cuban emcees this town has seen. Telmary, Ernesto Brooks etc... The man about town right about now, with mad skills and a whole lotta love in his heart, fresh from a European tour with Giles Peterson & Louie Vega, is Ogguere.The cool thing about the cuban hip hop phenomenon and Ogguere in particular is that there is continuity with the live music. While often we have seen MCs just rap over playbacks, here we have the real deal live, a dynamic a playback cannot replicate and a live dj suffers with. Funkatafied live tunes, with killer percussion and melody section to groove us, and an emcee to keep our emotions on the wilder side of things. Boom! Expect quality music, global funk style. Oggere throws it down alongside many talented folks including my trombone playing housemate Christopher Butcher. General Eclectic brings the party tuneson the ones and twos. It all happens TOMORROW!!!!  Sat.Dec.17th @ El Mocambo $5 before 10:30pm to 1st 25 people and just $10 afterwards. The doors open at 10pmFrom his releaseOgguere (Edrey Riverri) began his music career in 1995. He met Pablo Herrera, Producer of Group Amenaza performing under the name Orishas - a highly acclaimed Cuban rap group. Edrey collaborated with them as a guest performer on several occasions in various concerts in the main stages of the country. Over the past few years, Ogguere has grown immensely on the international stage associated with Havana Cultura – performing at events within Cuba as well as being showcased at multiple events within Toronto as recently as this year. Ogguere was able to gain acceptance as a large contributor to the Latin Jazz, Hip Hop and Rap scene within Toronto bringing a fresh new momentum to the industry.facebook event