Paint the Halls! (at Women's College Hospital)

 Uma Nota Culture does the music programming at WCHF's event Paint The Halls.Undeniably, Women's College Hospital has brought so much life into the city of Toronto. In 99 years (until 2010) over 150, 000 babies were born there. Even my colleague Jonathan and I, as well as all of our respective siblings, were born at Women's College Hospital.My mom still has a silly smile on her face and a twinkle in her eye as the recalls her three deliveries there. When I mention that the old building is being retired, she sighs deeply. Please don't fret mom, because now, so many years later, we are going to give back a burst of life into the the Women's College Hospital.We, a generation of '70s and '80s babies, -- along with our colleagues born at other GTA hositals, and a generation of cool-ass new Canadians -- have become instrumental in transforming Toronto "Hogtown" & Toronto "The Big Smoke" into a city of artistic expression & better living: a summer time, a good fun city, where biking around and enjoying the great cultural events going on here is as natural as Tim Hortons hangouts in the rest of Ontario.So... On May 30th, the WCH Foundation is hosting Paint the Halls! This is essentially a big party with Art Battle holding their  live competitive painting on the walls of the retired hospital and Uma Nota Culture putting up some great music.The way Art Battle works is artists compete painting live throughout the building. Revellers walk around and cast their ballots for their favorite pieces (see video below for more). Normally the artists paint on canvases, but for this event, the 75 hand-picked participants will paint on the walls.And there it is. This event promises to be awesome with great music, interactive entertainment, fun times, drinks and food.Buy tickets.Maylee Todd will perform live at Paint The HallsMaylee Todd (see video below), who recently released her new album Escapology, will perform live after ballot counting takes place. And look out, because if there is one artist who epitomizes feminine strength and beauty with stage presence and charisma, it is Maylee!Not only that, but the Heavyweights Brass Band will be around for some horns-and-drum hijinx to keep things interesting.Heavyweights Brass Band

More about Art Battle:

And here's Maylee Todd's wicked soulful and slightly artistically confusing video Baby's Got It.On top of those great live acts, we'll also have DJ Fase and DJ General Eclectic throwing down all the tunes you want to hear.For more information, tickets and more, check out the Paint The Halls website and Facebook event page.