Paint the Halls Recap

 DJSOn May 30th The Women's College Hospital Foundation hosted an epic event, Paint the Halls. Paint the Halls was a special edition of Art Battle, beefed up by the music production of Uma Nota Culture and the event planning of Spectacular Spectacular. Art Battle is live competitive painting where artists paint simultaneously for 75 minutes and then the crowd votes on their favorite piece. The soon to be razed Women's College Hospital opened up their first and second floor to host this party and 75 artists competed painting in different parts of the building, including surgical rooms, waiting rooms and specially, the halls. This awesome event went off without a hitch with a beautiful slice of Toronto's creative, conscious and beautiful people coming out to appreciate art, be social and be merry. Maylee Todd brought down the house with her fantastic set in the recovery ward, and The Heavyweights Brass Band brought some second line New Orleans vibe into the building parading through the halls, and  props to them for trying to lead people out at the end of the night. The kids however, wanted to stay longer and the party ended more than an hour after all the bars and food had shut down. Kudos to DJs General Eclectic and Fase for keeping the party bumping, even after 'end' time. Special shout to DJ Hadi's set during the Art Battle. Also a special shout to the winner of the Grand Prize Adam Chapman. The greatest praise of all goes to the Foundation, who weren't afraid to be creative and push the boundaries of how hip a hospital fundraiser can be. If you want to see all the paintings and even order prints, check  the WCHF's facebook page.Some of the pics from the event below.


DJS2 Maylee1 Maylee2

cooldancergirl MayleeBand Mayleegroup Painter1 painter3 painter4