Rockers Arena: Underground Sound

Underground in the city. In fact, there were some issues whether we should even post about this because it is strictly for the people who like a late and hidden party, and for those who like the good sound of a resident selector and dub plates. In our internationalized world, the reggae style is alive and well in Toronto.Nowhere is this more evident in the downtown than at the Rockers Arena. The Rockers Arena, at The Rainbow Palace in Kensington Market, is run by a crew that plays reggae the way traditional Jamaican sound sytems used to play, with a selector and a crew of emcees and singers who perform live on dub version. "The sound system scene is generally regarded as an important part of Jamaican cultural history and as being responsible for the rise of several modern Jamaican musical genres."  from Wikipedia.The boys at Rockers Arena keep it real: It's all analogue and it's all vinyl. The music is raw, underground, and bass heavy. The sounds are mostly vintage music from the mid 70s to late 80s. Selector K Zar plays everything from big classics to lesser known gems he has discovered collecting vinyl. Like the tunes, the jam is one of those rare gems of culture in the city and the Rainbow Palace is a unique venue. A basement in a hidden corner of Kensington, it is a liminal state of existence; almost like stepping down into another world. The music and the vibe are righteous, positive, and the 'courage' flows all night. Remember this event goes from 11:30pm until 6am!! An all nite rubadub & roots session with the Dub Connection in full flight, with K Zar the selector performing live and direct with the crew Lord Fury, Gloomy, Nkrumah & Ras Yunchy.Check some sound files of Rockers Arena live in session