Sunday Feijoada & Cultural Fair

 Feijoada is the national dish of Brazil. While its origins lie among the poorer classes of society who would throw together all sorts of meat, beans  and foodstuffs in a thick stew, today there exists feijoada that is a gastronomic delight for any foodie and made with the finest ingredients.Starting at 3:30pm on the Sunday Community Cultural fair at Lula Lounge, our festival partner, Caju Restaurant, will be serving the best feijoada you are ever likely to taste. How can I say this with such certainty? Well today I was at Caju and Owner Chef Mario Cassini gave me the exclusive tour of the kitchen and showed me the preparations: the bean stew, hmm fantastic, the meat: only the finest cuts of beef and pork loin, three types of chorizo. The meal will be served with rice, farofa  and colve (steamed greens). And because our modern world has people who have chosen a non-carnivorous diet, there will be a vegetarian version on hand as well. This is the feijoada that was called "one of TOs 20 signature dishes" by NOW magazine. While on their regular menu it goes for $22, at Uma Nota a serving will miraculously only be $5! It will be served from 3:30 until 6pm and only while quantities last. So wherever you may be sunday afternoon, come by before 6pm for some delicious feijoada.But wait!! Sunday promises to be one of the most diverse and exciting days at Uma Nota. First off, it is the closing day, it is Sunday afternoon and early evening, so the day will be relaxed and the atmosphere joyous. There will be talks on art and culture in the front room (more info) and there will be many glorious bands playing after 5pm, from the Brazilian jazz of Luanda Jones & Thiago Souza, to the vintage braz pop of Tropicalia and the sweet forró of Maria Bonita & the Band. Brazil Dance World will also be there to warm up the floor. Let's not forget the coco dance workshop and performance by Maracatu Mar Aberto. Full details click here.There will also be booths in Lula by Chocosol, another festival partner, The Tia Anita Project, as well as face-painting and other goodstuff. Hope to see you all there! Here is a video of Maracatu Mar Aberto in a community style show featuring Alicia singing lead.