5 Graffiti Artists in Toronto

We're going to start a new series of blog posts about visual art and most specifically street art in Toronto.Here we go with our initial blog post by Missy Cohen!

Anser (@ansermysteriousdate on Instagram)


Who is Anser? A mysterious night painter with serious fine art skill. These one-stroke faces can be found all over Toronto, and now in New York City.

Birdo DMC (@jerryrugg)


Birdo, or Birdo DMC, paints animals with various textures -- always colourful and always big.

Uber5000 (@uber5000)


Uber5000 is famous for his bright yellow chickens. Happy and upbeat, any Uber5000 graffiti piece will uplift your day.

Shalakattack (@shalakattack)


Shalakattack is based out of Canada, Brazil and Chile. Her murals include animals and portraits. She oftens collaborates with BrunoSmoky (@brunosmoky) and call themselves Clandestinos. [Ed.: Check out a previous post we did on their Essencia Collective.]

Jimmy Chiale (@jchiale)


Jimmy Chiale is a mastermind with colour. He prefers his art to be called street art as opposed to graffiti. He was born in Paris, France and now lives in Parkdale.