Dos Mundos in COLOMBIA!

The last time I was in Colombia, it was 2005 and I was a directionless wreck who was looking for some selfish fun and just wanted drastic change right away. And I got all those things and this is what's great about Colombia. No other place in the world could I have self-destructed and come back a better person. I came back and shortly after I started a radio show on CIUT, I called it Dos Mundos, because that's what that trip helped me realize. Even though I was born in Mississauga, Ontario, part of me is always in Latin America. And that's how I was raised, like all North American born Latinos, in-between those two worlds.This past December, I was invited to an amazing music festival in Cartagena, Colombia called El Mercado Cultural del Caribe.The festival was a great excuse for me to return to Medellin to visit my family and meet some folks in the music scene down there. I came back with loads of music for Dos Mundos Radio and our new site! I'm going to touch on a few things that caught my attention, in a bunch of different genres! This is a tiny taste of the loads of great stuff coming out of Latin America - hopefully it inspires you to keep on digging!

La Chiva GantivaI watched these guys tear up the main stage at the festival in Cartagena and I literally punched the guy standing next to me out of pure joy.Started in 2005, La Chiva Gantiva are a group of Colombians living in Brussels who mix traditional Colombia rhythms with Afro-Funk-Rock. Produced by Richard Blair (Sidestepper), their debut full-length album is being released on Crammed Discs. Chekalo...La Chiva Gantiva - Pelao from Crammed Discs on Vimeo.ProvidenciaYES! Providencia is one of the biggest reggae bands to come out of Colombia - they've played all the big festivals in Colombia and have been nominated for awards on the regular. Hailing from Medellin, Colombia - these guys seamlessly blend roots reggae music with tropical vibrations.Check out their wicked cover of the classic Cumbia tune 'Juanita Bonita'.StereocucoFans of Colombian breakout group Systema Solar will LOVE this brand new group coming out of Baranquilla.Stereocuco was started by a group of musicians (featuring the drummer and DJ from Systema) with the idea of mixing traditional Caribbean and Colombian sounds with electronic elements to create a contagious and highly-energetic live show.Check their Soundcloud Dany FThis kid is super young and super talented. I kicked it in his mom's living room in Medellin where he proceeded to drop some deadly tracks on his barely functional PC! His style is defined as 'deep cumbia' a mix of cumbia with deep house and minimal elements. Watch out for this kid!Check his Soundcloud.Watch out here comes the Canadian angle!Lido PimientaOK! You're not going to find another artist like Lido Pimienta. Not only is she a talented visual artist (currently studying at OCAD) but she is also a recognized figure in the new wave of Colombian music. Originally from Baranquilla, Colombia, Lido is a hybrid of shoegaze-tropical and bass-heavy-pop whose talent is only matched by her versatility. I really just scratched the surface here, Colombia is going through a sort of musical renaissance at the momeny. For more of this freaky Latno kinda stuff, please check out our new site: and tune in to Dos Mundos Radio, every Wednesday night from 6pm-8pm ET on CIUT 89.5FM!W3PA!Sergio