PSK Block Party!

On Sunday May 27th, Maracatu Mar Aberto, together with Uma Nota Culture, Lula Lounge and Clay & Paper Theater present the second annual Block Party. This promises to be a wicked kick off to the summer as it takes place during the first Kensington Market Pedestrian Sunday. As you walk up and down Augusta Avenue on Sunday, take notice of the entrance to the back lot of El Gordo's. Walk right through,  kinda like stepping into a different world. The lot will be transformed into the Inner Harbour, a liminal space decorated in the Mar Aberto Block Party fashion (see below for last year).The details are pretty straightforward:  the music will start at 1pm and the acts featured are as fine as any great festival in this city, and all the artists are part of the extended Mar Aberto, Lula, and Uma Nota family. Café Con Pan, with their son jarocho from Vera Cruz Mexico perform around 1:30pm, and are followed closely by Friendlyness & The Human Rights, with their mighty heavy reggae, and M.A. Sound System, and of course the Afro-Brazilian style of Maracatu Mar Aberto around 6:30pm. Maria Bonita & the Band's sweet forró sounds will bring us the romance in the early evening. DJs throughout the day will include, The Record player, MC Bookshelf, Hadi Man and Jerus Nazdaq.This will be a true community event with bands coming to play for people in the market in a safe environment where we can enjoy , dance, drinks and friends in the comfort of our Kensington Market... so come and we may add, please donate as all the funds go towards the event production. There will be cold beer all day and caipirinhas by Pitú.BLOCK PARTY SCHEDULE1:00 Shira Gelman1:30 Café con Pan2:15 DJ: M.C. Bookshelf3:00 Friendliness & the Human Rights3:45 DJ: Hadiman4:30 Samba Elegua5:00 Mar Aberto Sound System5:30 DJ The Record Player & General Eclectic6:30 Maracatu Mar Aberto (& Friends)7:15 Maria Bonita & the Band8:15 DJ: Jerus9:00 Let's tone it down a bit ;)Last year's Block Party was a phenomenal co-production by Samba Elégua and Mar Aberto at Zero Gravity Circus. The old Vaudeville theater, with high walls of exposed brick, was made to resemble a cityscape, with 'outdoor' vendor tents,  laundry spread out across the venue and good, good music including Mar Aberto's inaugural show, raw and biting. View photos from the event on Mar Aberto's facebook page.