Gilberto's Samba in Toronto

 10353305_824616284230100_2099220897929044334_oGilberto Gil, Brazil's  eternal ambassador of music and culture, is at Koener Hall in Toronto on Tuesday. The influence this man has had in Brazil and on the Brazilophiles worldwide is incredible. The show is sold out. The last time I saw him play alone, (as he plans to do this time), the delight of seeing an artist with so much style and history took me to a very romantic spot in my brain that kept me warm and fuzzy for days. While I also love when he plays with a full band, there is something special when he comes on his own, with a guitar, a smile, and so much creativity.He comes for his recent release, Gilberto's Samba. Take a look for  yourselves.We have featured him a number of times on this blog. Here is our past 'lowdown' on the man. That post can give you a lot of background so you can go see the show in the full context of his majesty! On another side of things, how do millennials understand Gilberto Gil? Maybe, like, say... his niece? This image may offer some insight! ;)some Instagram accountMy favourite article on the man came from his interview with Wax Poetics; it was super thorough. Try as I might, I couldn't find the actual piece online, but I found the cover (below). If you are lucky enough to have tickets to the show on Tuesday, enjoy! It will be simplismente inspirador.