Quique Escamilla's 500 Years of Night

qiqueWhat is it about this guy Quique Escamilla? Quirky? lovable? romantic? Yeah, he's got sweet tunes that can bring you the full moon by the water. He is also bad ass, and the music is coupled with themes of resistance and consciousness. His new record, 500 Years of Night, smacks us in the face with truths about the Americas and their "discovery" by the conquistadores from imperial Europe.His musical style, brought to you via his Chiapas homeland, the Estados Unidos de Mexico, and his Toronto home, with the whole modern world as influence, is those 500 years of history. By fusing traditional Mexican musical styles such as ranchera and huapango with other Latin American rhythms, as well as rock and reggae, Quique creates his own unique 'Music of the Americas'. These poly-rhythmic designs serve as a vehicle for Quique's incisive and passionate lyrics that touch on issues like indigenous rights and sustainability while tackling every form of oppression.In Toronto, where so called 'world' musicians (I hate that term) are for the world crowd and 'indie' musicians are for the indie crowd, Quique is the guy that builds and crosses those bridges. Check out the video his friends made for his CD release below... Damn, Quique got viral marketing styles!  Also my favourite song off the album is here.