Pedro Luís in T.O. (Sunday, Oct. 21, 2012)

It is not everyday that an artist like Pedro Luís, an icon of the Rio de Janeiro scene, comes to Toronto. On Sunday night Pedro Luís plays Revival, presented by Brazil Film Fest together with our Uma Nota Festival. This show, a different take on the Carioca sound, promises to be outstanding, as Pedro drops tracks from his new CD as well as the best songs from his career. The new CD, Tempo de Menino, is a testament to the present vibe of modern Rio and modern Brazil. The style is not bound by beach anthems and carnival, but rather on poetry, artistry and fine musicianship.Most famous for his work as Pedro Luís with A Parede, Pedro's career is notable. His compositions can be heard in the voices of great names of Brazilian music: Ney Matogrosso, Elba Ramalho, O Rappa, Cidade Negra, Adriana Calcanhoto, Fernanda Abreu, and Roberta Sá. His hand in the forming of the group Monobloco made him a mainstay of the alternative Carioca Carnival. In 2009, Pedro Luís, ever the artist, released his first book: Logo Parecia Que Assim Sempre Fora,  inspired by the album Olho de Peixe by Lenine and Marcos Suzano. The reflections of this book and Lenine can be felt in his new CD.Tempo de Menino is produced by the duo miniStereo, a.k.a. Rodrigo Campello et Jr. Tolstoi, both of whom had a musical hand in the production of Lenine's masterful CDs. The song Menina do Salão de Beleza (written with Beto and Rodrigo Valente Cabelo), debuted in June on the soundtrack of the hit Brazilian primetime soap opera Avenida Brasil. There are also features collaborations with Milton Nascimento, Erasmo Carlos, Roberta Sá and many more. The sound of the album is fantastic, with multiple textures and a depth in the musical voyage produced only by the best studios.Pedro has promised an equally thrilling live performance, performing the songs of various genres and rhythms that make up his solo album as well as hits from his successful career, including classics from Pedro Luís e A Parede. Special guests on the stage in at Revival will be Luanda Jones, and old friend from Pedro's Monobloco days, Maninho Costa of Batucada Carioca.Not only all this but Pedro is also super nice guy. Joyous & joking on the skype call I had with him, he was very gracious at the fact that I had listened to the CD and could comment on it. He is very happy to be coming to Toronto to present "um belo espetáculo" (a beautiful show). We are proud to present one of the most influencial and cool musicians from Brazil. Below are some vids from his past and present projects.

Pedro shouting out Toronto:

A classic tune with Pedro's wife, singer Roberta Sá:A little bit of his show:Title track off the CD, played solo:Pedro Luís performs at Revival on Sunday, October 21, as part of the Brazil Film Fest and Uma Nota Festival of Tropical Expressions. More info here.

Afro Connections: Wunmi in Toronto

Africa has long been regarded as ground zero for the beat and the sole birthplace of rhythm. Without exaggeration, it is the very epicentre from which an endless stream of beat-driven music has flowed since day one. But while the continent itself is as varied musically as anywhere else in the world, we tend to use just one single word to describe the many polyrhythmic influences this part of the globe has given us. That word, of course, is "Afro."Now, this word tends to gets tossed around a lot, but nowhere in the world is it more at home than in Brazil, where rhythmical styles like Samba, Maracatu and Batucada trace their lineage from the African experience.This Saturday's show at Revival in Toronto will feature a great musical encounter from these two areas of the world:For one, we'll showcase the one and only Wunmi from Nigeria. She first appeared back in the late '90s, collaborating with the likes of Bugz In The Attic, Masters At Work and Osunlade and helping to kickstart the whole neo-Afrobeat scene that would soon spread across underground movements in both the U.K. and the U.S. Her stage presence, style of musical attack and singing voice are comparable to greats that have come before her (namely Fela Kuti and Victor Oliaya, among others). What's interesting to note is that while she remains true to this long line of Afrobeat legends, she is a woman in an field traditionally dominated by men. This combination of sensitivity and vulnerability coupled with a hard-edged stage presence creates something entirely new to be experienced and is sure to make this weekends show very special indeed. (More about Wunmi on her very nicely designed website.)The other part of this Saturday's show (a co-production with United Soul) is a showcase of our Uma Nota mainstays Maracatu Mar Aberto. Billed this time out as Mar Aberto Percussion, this performance will feature a pared-down version of our beloved super group playing various drums and instruments alongside myself, DJ General Eclectic. Expect to hear a broad cross section of Brazilian music, specifically Afro-Brazilian styles like Samba, Bossa Nova and MPB alongside newer underground beat productions. This will be our first DJs-and-drumbeats type of event since our three-day festival last November, so we're all super excited to create a dynamic showcase and also reconnect with our music-loving community! See more about the event on our Facebook event page.