Brazilian Block Party: Lumanota!

Brazilian_Block_Party_767x332_eIt is no secret that the foundation of Uma Nota has been making Brazilian style cultural manifestations happen in Toronto.  You know, parties with that creative fashion that the people in Terris Brasilis do so well. It seems our colleagues at Luminato took notice, and so, we present: #LUMANOTA! the Brazilian Block Party at Luminato Festival of the Arts. Yes, you heard correct, Uma Nota’s summer season starts this year at Luminato’s Festival Hub with a full day and evening of Brazilian music and outdoor party fun. Celebrate the a tradition of festive gathering at an all-day public party with food, drink (the whole square is licenced), music and dance. Whether Carnaval, São João, or any one of the myriad of the country’s festivals, outdoor daytime street parties are a beloved part of the Brazilian cultural landscape.Now the talent is off the hook insane... expect so much good stuff all day long, starting chill and blowing up by the end of it.The acts:Mundo Livre S/A * Flávia Nascimento * Aline Morales & Forró Nite * Roda de Samba * Tio Chorinho * TDot Batu * DJ General Eclectic * DJ Ziko * Uma Nota Boi * Capoeira Malês & friends *Family-friendly event with animation by strolling artists & craft-making workshops. Mundo Liver S/A (in english: Free World Assoc. MUNDO LIVRE S/AFormed in Recife in 1984 out of three decommissioned punk bands, Mundo Livre’s idea was to connect the mangues (mangroves) of Recife with a worldly network of pop concepts. The Brazilian manguebeat band is credited as a founder of the manguebeat musical style, and since their inception has released three albums, the last of which was included in many best-of-the-year lists.Screen shot 2015-06-05 at 5.14.32 PMFLÁVIA NASCIMENTOFlávia Nascimento started her career in Brazil as an actress, before moving to Quebec City. She devoted herself to her singing in 2014, producing her first big solo show in Sherbrooke along with her four accompanying musicians that she affectionately dubs her Smallest Big Band. The show’s success now brings Flávia to Toronto. Viva Brasil!photo: Kevin JonesALINE MORALES & FORRO NITEAline Morales built her reputation as a percussionist and bandleader and with the 2011 release of her Juno-nominated Flores, Tambores e Amores she also revealed her prowess as a vocalist and composer. With her project Forró Nite, Aline brings it back to her roots with a set of traditional forró music, the irresistible dance music from the Northeast of Brazil.mms_20150423_004609 (1)RODA DE SAMBARoda de Samba is a generic term used in Rio de Janeiro and around Brazil when friends and musicians get together around or along a table, drink, eat and play classic samba songs on Brazilian instruments: pandeiros, rebolos, tamborims, and the cavacinho, a four string small ukelele type instrument that takes the melodic lead as everyone belts out the songs while crowds gather around. Roda de Samba, in Toronto, is a sextet of Brazilian expats who occasionally get together and belt out the old school samba songs for an entire afternoon.tiochoroTIO CHORINHOTio Chorinho is a Toronto ensemble dedicated to performing Brazilian choro music in the tradition of the great mandolin master Jacob do Bandolim. The group formed in 2009 and the group’s growing repertoire of choro classics includes pieces by such iconic composers as Pixinguinha, Ernesto Nazareth, Waldyr Azavedo, and of course Jacob do Bandolim.Tdot Batú at PSK Kensington, June 2014 (Photo: Manish Pothen)TDOT BATUTdot Batu is one of the newest Brazilian drum troupes in Toronto. With a diverse group of youth holding down the drums, they perform traditional samba reggae with their own creative edge. Samba Reggae became popular in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil in the 1980s when the traditional Afro-Blocos began combining Bahian rhythms like ijexa and samba with influences from the Carribean. Joining Tdot Batu will be Salviano Pessoa and dancers from Dance Migration.general_eclectic_3 (1)GENERAL ECLECTICGeneral Eclectic is renowned in the downtown core as the man who has styles upon styles. His record crates go deep and when he is on the decks, the people only know how to dance. He is part of the original Uma Nota Culture collective. He brings the tropical sound, and connects the dots on the Brazilian spectrum of music yet does not leave any relevant musical form Brian MedinaBOIZINHO GAMESThe Boi is an elaborate and theatrical tale about a mythical bull that is killed and resurrected on a farm in Northern Brazil. The story involves a farmer, his wife, the farmhand and his wife, and lots of music and dancing! The boizinho or little bull, has come to be synonymous all over Brazil as just a roaming party and can be accompanied by any rhythm. Our Uma Nota Boizinho will involve childrens games, a dance and song workshop and revelry for everyone! 

Dance Magic Dance Migration

rosangelaRecently The Dance Migration company hosted Rosangela Silvestre, creator of the Silvestre Technique and a dance and movement artist who is well-versed in the traditional dances from her native Bahia as she is in modern forms. The four days of dance classes set to live percussion brought out some of the best dancers and dance students from Toronto's eclectic, fertile scene. The final show on Sunday evening at Lula Lounge was, as many people have said, brilliant and heartfelt, with one drummer remarking that many were in tears of joy and ecstasy.The dancer who made this workshop series happen -- and who has been one of the key people for growing  the scene in Brazilian dance among the many diverse tribes of Toronto -- is Adrianna Yanuziello, the founder and director of The Dance Migration. Although there are many dancers who teach and perform Brazilian dance in Toronto, mostly samba, forró and similar forms, Adrianna has created her own current. She herself comes from a strong background in dance and has welcomed multiple forms of dance and performance into her heart and her style.Adrianna leading a classShe is a graduate in Fine Arts in Dance at Ryerson. Like so many of us, Adrianna started her Brazilian connection with Capoeira, but later became enchanted by the worlds of dance within Brazil.It wasn't long before she was going to Brazil every year, and somewhere in there she started TDance Migration company. Rosangela Silvestre is her mentor and top Brazilian teacher, and after a few years of visiting Bahia to train with her, Adrianna started bringing her teacher up every year for a weekend of Orixa and Silvestre technique workshops, culminating in a big presentation. She continues to this day to build on her training, gaining knowledge of the specific feel and subtleties of different dances from Brazil.From Terra Brasil Show- BlueFrom Terra Brasil show- RedShe has allied with Capoeira Camara and with them has created and put on several original and professional shows.  In her show Faces of Samba last year, Adrianna and a core group of Dance Migration veterans and professional dancers performed Brazilian percussion as part of one of the performance numbers -- a samba-reggae groove that led into an '80s Olodum dance number. In fact, Dance Migration has collaborated with many Toronto companies including Samba Squad, Batucada Carioca, Baque de Bamba and Maracatu Mar Aberto.Passista de Samba style. Grass skirts and dance based on Maculêlê. Adrianna has built up her company and school aspects into a full-time business, teaching classes and performing on the regular. In recent years has added costume production to her skill set, including full passista outfits as well as more rootsy Afro-Bahian grass skirts, armbands and headbands. In all of this she has travelled internationally teaching classes and performing. Check out her website for classes and performance options. Through it all, it is undeniable that she remains committed to her art and continues to teach and perform and usually has something going every day of the week. Let's give it up for Dance Migration. UPDATE, Oct. 2014: The Dance Migration is doing it again! The company presents Terra Brasil, a captivating theatrical dance piece performed to live music by local and visiting Brazilian aces, on Friday, October 17 at the Fleck Theatre in Toronto as part of the Uma Nota Festival. See (and hear!) the dancers and musicians of Dance Migration Company perform before they take this show on a tour of the Netherlands in November. A one night only experience. Tickets and more info here.

The flavour of Cajú

Cajú. A fruit with a unique taste: rich, sweet, fulfilling. It is all about the taste. And as exquisite as this golden tropical fruit's flavour is, so too is the menu at Toronto's Cajú restaurant.The Brazilian culinary tradition is a rich and vibrant one. There are sea food delights with herbs and spices that have made the journey from across the Atlantic, and native specialties which are homegrown in the Tropic of Capricorn. Too often than not, the variety of tastes and craftsmanship in Brazilian food abroad manifest themselves in churrascaria steakhouses. This stereotype follows all those who try and raise the culinary bar to the next lever.  Please don't get us wrong, we love a good rodizio, but rarely is the gastronomic bistro of São Paulo and Belo Horizonte seen outside the borders of the great BR.Enter Mario Cassini, head chef and owner of Caju.  He was born in Belo Horizonte, in the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil.  Home to soccer legend Pelé, pão de quiejo, and cachaça, Minas Gerais is known throughout Brazil for its cuisine. Mario, with his passion for culture, food, and his heritage, has brought artistry to the Brazilian kitchen on foreign soil. And having eaten in some of Brazil's finest restaurants in São Paulo, Rio and Belo Horizonte, the only comparison in Toronto is Cajú.  Cajú’s menu features classic Brazilian dishes prepared with a contemporary touch and menu items inspired by Brazilian flavours and ingredients. Everything is unique and the service outstanding. Much the same way we like to look at music, as a an art of selection and curated taste put together for the audience's enjoyment and participation, this is how Mario and Cajú look at your restaurant experience. Check out his interview with BlogTO.Cajú has been a strong supporter of Uma Nota Culture and our media launch will take place there on October 1oth. Join us after 8pm for dinner! Please keep your eyes peeled on their Facebook page, as well as ours, for your chance to win two dinners at Cajú.