Carnaval da comunidade brasileira em TO!

This translates to "Carnival of the (Brazilian) community in Toronto."Where, pray tell, does the great majority of the Toronto Brazil community congregate for fun and frolic at carnival time? Usually at an event organized by Angela Mesquita and Luiz de Castro. Their shows are big -- extravagant, fun, packed with entertainment and colour -- and are a major current of the Brazilian community in Toronto, uniting all segments from across the GTA.A little context: Our Uma Nota events have a very strong Brazilian musical influence (as well as Caribbean, Latin, American Funk, Afrobeat etc.) and our public is very much that of the multi-cultural Toronto -- lots of fun and  very diverse. And, of course, a great deal of our public is Brazilian.Beyond loving the music and creativity, Brazilians bring a certain liberty of self-expression. Now imagine a whole event with 90% Brazilians. That is a whole lot of fun. If you want to be with Brazilians dancing, socializing and having a good time to warm up your winter, do not miss this year's Carnaval event. Every year the theme for the party is from a different carnaval hotspot in Brazil. Recent years have featured Pernambuco, Amazonas and Bahia, and this year the spotlight turns to the cidade marvilhosa (marvelous city), Rio de Janeiro. The night features live music from Uma Nota favourite samba group Batucada Carioca, and new-ish roots samba group Tem Gringo na Roda, as well as Bracatum featuring songstress Cibele Iglesias.Check out some pictures from previous years in this collage.The Carnaval Brasil 2013 event this weekend is multi-generational, genuine, and like we said: fun. The party starts at 7 p.m. and goes till the bar closes and people stop dancing. You might read the event info and think "OMG! It's in Vaughan!" Well, do not panic. There is free transportation. Yes, free transportation.Here is a vid from last year so you can get an idea.Angela Mesquita, one of the event's producers, is the owner operator of Brazil Remittance, a remittance company on Dundas Street West. A successful business woman, she is also a pillar in the Toronto Brazil community, offering her support to a myriad of events and helping many people out as they adjust to cold Canada. She produces events for  community charities, for New Year's Eve and for Carnaval. Brazil Remittance also offered community assistance to the Uma Nota Festival in our inaugural year (2011).Como sempre ... as always ... "Carnaval da Angela" is a can't-miss festa brasileira and cultural spectacle.