The flavour of Cajú

Cajú. A fruit with a unique taste: rich, sweet, fulfilling. It is all about the taste. And as exquisite as this golden tropical fruit's flavour is, so too is the menu at Toronto's Cajú restaurant.The Brazilian culinary tradition is a rich and vibrant one. There are sea food delights with herbs and spices that have made the journey from across the Atlantic, and native specialties which are homegrown in the Tropic of Capricorn. Too often than not, the variety of tastes and craftsmanship in Brazilian food abroad manifest themselves in churrascaria steakhouses. This stereotype follows all those who try and raise the culinary bar to the next lever.  Please don't get us wrong, we love a good rodizio, but rarely is the gastronomic bistro of São Paulo and Belo Horizonte seen outside the borders of the great BR.Enter Mario Cassini, head chef and owner of Caju.  He was born in Belo Horizonte, in the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil.  Home to soccer legend Pelé, pão de quiejo, and cachaça, Minas Gerais is known throughout Brazil for its cuisine. Mario, with his passion for culture, food, and his heritage, has brought artistry to the Brazilian kitchen on foreign soil. And having eaten in some of Brazil's finest restaurants in São Paulo, Rio and Belo Horizonte, the only comparison in Toronto is Cajú.  Cajú’s menu features classic Brazilian dishes prepared with a contemporary touch and menu items inspired by Brazilian flavours and ingredients. Everything is unique and the service outstanding. Much the same way we like to look at music, as a an art of selection and curated taste put together for the audience's enjoyment and participation, this is how Mario and Cajú look at your restaurant experience. Check out his interview with BlogTO.Cajú has been a strong supporter of Uma Nota Culture and our media launch will take place there on October 1oth. Join us after 8pm for dinner! Please keep your eyes peeled on their Facebook page, as well as ours, for your chance to win two dinners at Cajú.