Our Latin Thing - Futuro Libre

15542413_1890266511194861_1980492393401362097_nFuturo Libre, a brand new cultural production house in Toronto, brings it with a special holiday jam, Our Latin Thing, on Thursday December 29th, 2016. Los Poetas and Beny Esguerra & New Tradition athrow down their best stuff.screen-shot-2016-12-27-at-2-54-50-pmLos PoetasWith members hailing from El Salvador, Chile, Argentina, Panama and Colombia, via Canada, Latin Hip Hop collective Los Poetas sounds like nothing you’ve ever heard before. Led by park bench philosophers Louwop and Che Uno and Vancouver-based producer Vago, supported by DJ Grouch, guest MC Afantu and visual artist Leche, and backed by a smoking salsa band live, Los Poetas is the sort of group that could only be centred in a major multicultural city like Toronto, Canada.[embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nQ9peSq7gbc[/embed]Beny Esguerra & New TraditionBeny and New Tradition recently killed it at Montreal music showcase Mundial. Their show was electric and definitely impressed everyone in the audience. A true form of world music naturally vibing off different styles to make that infectious tropical music, and whose lyrics can attest, is wholly conscious and from the heart. His new album, Return of Kuisi,  is powerful, unites tribes and makes you dance.benyesguerranewtraditionNew Tradition Multi Arts Show features an interactive performance project through spoken word, music, songs, dance and visual arts. while creating bridges across musical genres, the original compositions incorporate ancient instruments such as the over 2000 year old indigenous kuizi bunzi flute (a.k.a. Colombian gaita) with more recent instruments such as the turntables. With the use of a human beatboxer and a DJ as a significant components of the bands sonic identity the ensemble can maintain its original sound while performing with as many as thirteen musicians all the way down to three, making the show adaptable to various performance contexts.[embed]http://https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lHJ7MGIgVU8%20[/embed] This show is not to be missed. catch these acts as they trail blaze into the futuro libre.