Buraka Som Sistema

Just like many of us people in Toronto don't necessarily feel part of the greater anglo indie rock blandness that is a certain (overplayed) portion of the Canadian identity, the Buraka Som Sistema crew  feel their Portuguese identity doesn't play as much as their multi-cultural Lisbon roots and upbringing. They are 'internation-all' with heavy Angolan heritage and a sound rooted in the Kuduro movement.They are all over. I first heard about them through YouTube while looking for MIA videos. I came across one featuring her on their "Sound of Kuduro" song (above). I was hooked. Within a week I had seen hundreds of kuduro videos, and a great deal of Buraka Som Sistema. They are more than kuduro though. Let's say that Buraka Som Sistema hits you somewhere between a modern Baile Funk at the  electro reggaeton percussive tropical bass crossroads. I don't know if that makes any sense at all, but Bejamin Boles did a nice write up on them in NOW."Their newest album, Komba (Enchufada/Sony)... [brings] on board a wider range of rhythms and textures while keeping the focus on their trademark high-energy Portuguese rapping. Komba also sees the group transformed from a producer-driven recording project into something closer to a real band."I am going to their show for sure, no way I am missing it, wanna check the hype of the live show.