The Sound of Sound One

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 My heart lifts when I read the bio Sound One has up on their myspace. Check this out:Sound One wants you to appreciate movement and thought, to embrace the connection between your ears and hips. That's the kicker, but before that they start it off with:If you don’t love and respect what you’re influenced by, fuel the drive of what direction your headed, and appreciate everything and everyone along the way – you’ve missed it all. Music is mood, it’s an emotion, and in a beat you might click into the power of a harmonized mind. C'mon ... that is some wicked vision in music and I have to hand it to these cats, they are rocking it. Blaring horns, grooves, and some mind candy with crafty solos. They bring the jazz skank to the party, warming us up and freeing our insides for a shameless night of wholesome and (maybe for some) unwholesome fun.

Humber Cats Blowing Horn

check their sound:Sound One will rock it on the Flagship Party of The Uma Nota Festival of Tropical Expressions (Facebook event here).  No need to let y'all know of the origins of ska music ... The lovely Island of Jamaica, Jamaica. A country whose symbolism through music, for better or worse, has come to represent a state of mind, good tunes and great dancing.