The Importance of Partners

There was a time when the idea of sponsors made me cringe. As a young  over-educated rebel with a need to make culture happen and full of proverbial piss and vinegar, I would hold events strictly through the force of my conviction and a lot of hustling to promote. Underground was crucial to the jam. While I still feel that 'underground' is crucial, my thoughts have changed somewhat.Sponsorship, or rather, partnership, can give a cultural producer a certain amount of security & liberty to truly take artistic risks, to have a greater promotional reach, and to make sure every performer is valued for their art & time. 'Underground' is in the programming, in the intention, in the aesthetic. Uma Nota has always presented acts that are fundamentally wicked for the events. And so... I would like to give all our partners our sincerest thanks for the incredible success of the festival.Here is a quick summary of our partners, click on their names for more info. They all offer services that we may need at any point in our lives:The story of chocolate! Chocosol is super active in the Toronto arts community and a proud sponsor of Uma Nota, check their website. Their chocolate is a great gift and an incredible food item.Move over mojitos, the cool drink is caipirinhas! Caipirinha is made with cachaça and good cachaça in TO is Pitú Cachaça.Two great pillars of support of the Brazilian Arts in Toronto are Mellowhawk Logistics and Brasil Remittance. The former handles international shipping and the latter is your spot for remittances to Brazil.Need to learn English, or for that matter, French, Spanish, Portuguese, or even Mandarin? Hansa Language Center has it all. You can even get your TESL certification done there. One of the oldest and most trusted language schools in Canada.The classiest bistro on Queen Street is Caju Restaurant. Try it: fine drinks and absolutely delicious Brazilian dining.Interested in a bank? Take interest in a bank that takes interest in culture, Scotiabank graciously came on as a community partner.Are you looking to buy a home or business? Derek Kaiser is the best Real Estate agent in Toronto hands down.Now, are you considering going to Brazil for a trip? Check Brasil Travel! They will find you the cheapest fairs available.Once again many thanks to our partners!