Volunteers needed for the 2012 Uma Nota Festival!

Uma Nota Culture is a small but potent organization, and we've always been about community. The people around us are a big part of the Uma Nota experience -- that unity makes the events and the cultural undercurrent something that everyone can participate in and enjoy.With that, here is our call for volunteers for the 2012 Uma Nota Festival of Tropical Expressions!What's in it for you? Festival volunteers will receive Uma Nota swag, free admission to Uma Nota events all weekend, all kinds of behind the scenes goodies, valuable festival production experience and our undying gratitude (shout outs!), among other wonderful things.Here are the volunteer roles we're looking to fill and areas we need help  with:Volunteer roles -- Uma Nota Festival

Marketing associates
- Street promotions -- flyers and posters distribution (cafes, music/record/vintage clothing stores, etc)
- Strategies, promoting at events, radio giveaways -- help us plan
- Social Media: Help build online buzz, tweet, blog, post strategically to Facebook, etc.
Production assistants
- Event set-up and take down
- Decoration and logistics help
- Help organize vendors and any organizations displaying materials or products, assist with set-up
- Help with kids' programming, facepainting, other fun stuff so families can enjoy (especially Sunday Oct. 21 for the Community Cultural Fair!)
Stage Managers
- Keep performances on schedule
- Assist with production and technical logistics as needed
Artist Liaisons
- Host for visiting and local artists, hospitality
- Fluency/ability to comunicate in Brazilian Portuguese would be considered an asset
Documentation assistants
-  Volunteer your services as part of this team and/or help out the existing documentation crew -- videographers (e.g. second camera), photographers, audio recordings etc.
Web team
-  Web designers, Wordpress developers and anyone with HTML skills are all welcome, as is anyone with experience handling and packaging web media (photos and videos in particular) and content management systems for online publication.
Volunteer coordinator
- Help us manage volunteers and coordinate activities -- see what needs doing and help us put volunteers on it!
- Liaise with festival producers/organizers, staff and volunteers
- Identify and communicate any special needs or unusual situations relating to volunteers or what they're doing
You tell us!
- Got skills in areas we haven't touched on yet? Get in touch and let us know how you'd like to be involved with the festival.
Please contact us at umanotaculture (at) gmail (dot) com and please CC jonathan (at) umanota (dot) ca and alex (at) umanota (dot) ca.
Looking forward to hearing from the Uma Nota massive! Thank you in advance for pitching in to help us bring you a spectacular festival.
-- Uma Nota Culture

 Here are a few more photos to give you a sense of the Uma Nota team vibe! (A few shots are from the 2012 Block Party at PS Kensington, our co-production with Maracatu Mar Aberto. Give it up for the crew!)