Uproot Andy's global bass domination gets Noisey (and comes to T.O.)

image from mixpackFresh off a Mexican tour, where he did up a nearly one-hour mix special for Noisey Mexico (that country's arm of the VICE music property), Uproot Andy  continues the worldwide global bass takeover was on last time he came to town (with partner in crime Geko Jones from Brooklyn's Que Bajo!? at our festival's Bridges Tropical Mashup night).Here's a bit from the preamble of his interview with Noisey Mexico (the article title, loosely translated: "97% of the time [this music is] a celebration of identity").

La primera vez que Uproot Andy vino al Distrito Federal fue para tocar en un Day Off y nos dimos cuenta de que además de ser un DJ con mucho incansable, es también un productor ingenioso, nada tímido y está completamente determinado a llevar la palabra del Global Bass a todos los rincones del mundo [Paulina, the writer, recalls] the first time he came to Mexico City to play [an event called] Day Off, her crew commented that beyond Andy's tirelessness as a party DJ,  he is an ingenious producer, by no means shy attitude and completely determined to make global bass known in each and every corner of the world.

The writer here also urges readers, before she interviews the man, not to miss his appearance at that city's "Tropical Storm" festival, recommending they download the mix and try it for any dancing style or on a bike ride.By the time our global bass ambassador comes back to town, even the winter-shy among us can bicycle over to the party. As the bass operative on a mission to spread the music worldwide from Brooklyn lofts to festivals in Mexico, Colombia and beyond, Andy gets full props on the global citizen tip. He speaks fluent Spanish and his best tingz in the world proudly speak to other world citizens (Montreal bagels make the list, as does Barranquilla's Carnaval).Global as he is, Uproot Andy is even a hometown Toronto son, though he only makes so many visits. Next up is May 10 at Uma Nota! We can't resist the opportunity to bring Uproot Andy for a spring dancefloor "worldwide" kinda thing 'cause it works so nice. Plus, we wanted to give him more time rocking it for you all after last year's appearance at the Great Hall. For the playback style party, bringing the old school Uma Nota vibe, we've got Uproot Andy -- special delivery from Brooklyn -- alongside Maracatu Mar Aberto playing one of their first stage shows of the year, including some new songs and percussive touches. That covers the live, thundering Afro-Brazilian percussion end of things, and our resident selector DJ General Eclectic rounds out the night with vinyl and digital dance floor delights. We're also excited to host the event at Mojo Lounge on Dundas West (formerly Pacha and others), where we'll take advantage of the powerful sound system, drinks at good prices and continue the new management (namely our Brazilian friend Jeferson Camilo)'s trend of bringing good Brazilian and tropical vibes to the house with our signature Uma Nota party style.Uproot Andy plays in Toronto on May 10 for The Uma Nota Worldwide Thing, also featuring Maracatu Mar Aberto and DJ General Eclectic.  Saturday, May 10 at Mojo Lounge, 1305 Dundas Street West. $10 in advance, more at the door.  (Facebook event pageumanota_may2014_4x6_4