The Human Rights Switch It Back

 HRcasbah1The Human Rights have made some changes. They have added singer Tréson to the crew . The talented artist’s powerful voice fits perfectly with  the band’s uplifting sound, a heavy but unique style of expertly executed new roots reggae. With two singers in the band, they have re-booted under the banner The Human Rights, opting to simplify and forgoing Friendlyness' name as part of the band title. Have no fear though, Friendly's style, wit, performance and musical charm remain. And rejoice! Marking the bands transition into their new format, formation, they have released a new single Old School Track.Full of Toronto references and nods to the golden era of reggae, The Old School Track is an original tune by the Human Rights. Check out the whe do dem, eek a mouse, bass-line breakdown.But just who are these Human Rights?

The history of the Human Rights runs deep. It begins with Toronto reggae foundation keyboardist Bernie Pitters, who learned how to bubble from Bob Marley's keyboard player in Jamaica and spent the ‘80s and ‘90s touring with Toots and the Maytals. It continues with Toronto reggae heavyweight and juno nominated Friendlyness, who started out fronting bands such as Revelation and Culture Shock, followed by backing up Frankie Paul, Freddie McGreggor & Dennis Brown with Hit Squad, and more recently joining the ranks of Can-rock icons Big Sugar. Add seven young up-and-coming Toronto session musicians and the soulful vocal stylings of Tréson and you have a musical force ready for the global stage.

The Human Rights play Summer in the City on Saturday May 31st at the Silver Dollar in Toronto. $10 Facebook eventsmic