The Talk Series

talksOn Sunday at 4pm, while the feijoada is being served, three of Toronto’s penny philosophers offer their thoughts on art and culture. Digital Jam Session for the Cultural Explorer 

We all have our favourite online and mobile tools for exploring global culture.  From sound cloud accounts, to youtube favourites, to posterous it's becoming easier and easier to browse through the cultural corners of the world and connect with new communities. In this highly interactive session we will learn from the wisdom of crows and find new ways to explore, participate and create global culture.


Hosted by Mark Greenspan (


Mark Greenspan  has over a decade’s worth of international experience in all things digital. From consulting to production to education he has worked with various corporations, academic institutions, privately held organizations and non-for-profits to explore the commercial, cultural and theoretical sides of digital technologies and their impact on our businesses and our lives.


Tradition & Modernity in Afro-Brazilian Cultural Manifestations


Capoeira, Samba, and Maracatu are three Afro-Brazilian "games," or folguedos, that in recent years have gained international prominence. How have these games been manifested in Brazil traditionally? How has the modern world affected the interpretation of these games and how do identity politics enter into play? Alex will explore three aspects in which Afro-Brazilian folguedos occur: The circle game, the parade and theater. He will then speak of recent changes in the way these games are manifested.


Hosted by Alex Bordokas (


Alex Bordokas is an anthropology grad who has immersed himself in Brazil. Popular cultural traditions are his passion. He himself has spent over 10 years as a participant & performer, student & teacher of several roots brazilian 'games' such as capoeira angola, maracatu and forró. A 'cultural producer,' he conceives of and promotes bands & events in Canada and Brazil, and is the Program Director of The Uma Nota Festival.


Jose Ortega: Life in Art, Culture & Business 


Jose Ortega has not sent us exactly what he is going to talk about. He is, however, one of the most interesting visual artists in Toronto and has had his works displayed around town, in New York and we think Ecuador?¿!¡ Regardless, the Co-Founder & Artistic Director of Lula Lounge as well as designer extraordinaire is a creative powerhouse and a great supporter of Latin and tropical arts, as well as a man devoted to business improvement! Check his incredible artwork on his website.


Hosted by Jose Ortega (


Jose grew up in New Jersey and studied at the School of Visual Arts in New York City. He has worked as a commercial illustrator since 1986, doing book covers, posters, postage stamps, packaging, and public art projects for a variety of clients including NYC’s Metro Transit Authority, Macy’s, Absolut, the U.S. Postal Service and the Buckingham Hotel in Manhattan. Since moving to Toronto, he has done a lot of design work related to the city’s Latin jazz and salsa scenes.