Videos: Uma Nota Festival 2012

Toronto, you rocked it at our festival and we have the video to show for it!Previously posted: our review of this year's Uma Nota Festival of Tropical Expressions, including lots of photos and a little report on what made the festival extra special this year. Uma Nota Festival 2012 - World Funk flagship event at Great Hall (photo: Jackie Atlas)Here's the first of the two videos from that night (pictured above). This one comes courtesy of Patric McGroarty of Mar Aberto SoundSystem, Yuka and his own amazing mobile recording services outfit Saint Clarens. Tbe music in the video is a custom mix by General Eclectic!Fun stuff, eh?Here's the video our own editor Danny Alexander (who cut our festival preview and Uma Nota Experience videos) prepared with the great footage from our documentation team. Check out the performances and dance floor goings-on, all set to the music of Sound One, recorded live on the night.We hope that keeps your appetite up for coming events in the new year! Stay tuned for more about our events in 2013, including next year's Uma Nota Festival of Tropical Expressions.