Jerusa Leão is a Brazilian artist, singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from the semi-arid regions Bahia. Over the course of over two decades she has cultivated several impressive musical projects that span three continents. One such project is the part-Canadian, part-Brazilian band Maria Bonita Band and The Band, where Jerusa holds the position of Artistic Director, bandleader, singer and percussionist. She has participated in cultural events and festivals throughout Brazil, USA and also in Toulouse, France, where she has been dedicating herself to another great Forró, Trio Alavantu.

Saravah! - A trip to the world of samba de roda from Bahia

Samba de Roda, which involves music, dance and poetry, is a popular festive manifestation from the Brazilian state of Bahia, and has roots in Afro-Brazilian religious ceremonies, but is also performed in more spontaneous contexts. With her show SARAVAH!, Jerusa Leão presents samba de roda from the Sertao and Recôncavo regions of Bahia, featuring a a vast repertoire of classics song and dance from the genre.